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Tea Moments — Enjoying the Christmas Sparkle

Teatime during the Christmas season is always full of cheer. The house is usually decorated with lots of sparkly things: glass ornaments, tinsel, and twinkly lights on the tree; candle flames glowing throughout the house; and knickknacks of crystal, silver, and gold shining from book shelves, mantels, and table tops. What a wonderful atmosphere for sipping on a steaming cup of your favorite tea.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays — dragging the tree ornaments out of storage, trimming the tree, decorating the rooms, hanging stockings to be filled with presents, shopping for gifts, mailing out greeting cards, etc. — would be overwhelming without this quiet tea moment. The sight of the tea “liquor” alone lifts your spirits and renews your strength.

All of those beams of light from those sparkly things bouncing around the room also bounce off the tea in the cup. They emphasize the color of the tea, whether a pale yellow or a dark amber, or any other color of a properly brewed tea. Staring into that sparkle, you can be lulled into dreams of sugarplum fairies, dancing gingerbread men, elves busy in their workshop, and Clara with her Nutcracker-turned-Prince. Be careful, though, or your quick tea break will turn into a long tea nap!

My own love of tea carries through to the holiday decorations. Some of my favorite tree ornaments are little teapots. Others have little teacups in them. Seeing them sparkle among the glass globes and other shiny things is a testament to the joy that tea brings to my life (and hubby’s life, too, of course!).

Tea can enhance a holiday mood in other ways. Loose leaf flavored tea makes a wonderful potpourri, filling your house with holiday fragrances like cinnamon apple, peppermint, pumpkin pie, and more. And the aroma of freshly-brewed tea fills your heart and soul as well as your nostrils. One deep inhalation, and you’re transported to a Christmas wonderland.

This time of year I like to have an endless pot of tea going (as hubby says, “It’s endless until it stops”). You never know who will be dropping by for a visit and to share the wonder of the season with you. Friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers all know this is a time of year when our Welcome mat is kept swept clean and ready. They also know that the kettle is on and the teapot awaits, along with holiday cookies, pies, and other treats (some are even healthy and low-cal — honest!).

As you celebrate the season, don’t forget the sparkle of a cup of hot tea, the warmth of companionship and love, and all the dreams that go with them. Enjoy!

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  4. Very nice article, with great pictures!

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

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