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How Do I Love Tea? Let Me Count the Ways…..

Tea Field
Tea Field

The love affair that many people have with drinking tea is one that has grown slowly over time. What starts off as a casual acquaintance blossoms into an amorous fascination. There have been many lists created with reasons as to why you ought to drink more tea, but love has so little to do with logic.

  1. Fall in Love over and over and over – There are so many teas to try, that this romance never need grow tiresome. Should your love’s light start to dim, rekindle the flame with a new type of tea or a new tea company.
  2. Tea Brews Lasting Friendships – the next time your friend is sick, don’t just bring them tea – show them how much you care by brewing them some tea. It doesn’t take long, it just takes love.
  3. Tea Loves the Planet – Imagine fields of tea plants assisting in creating breathable oxygen. Tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage (after water) and that means lots of plants, exchanging carbon dioxide and supporting a healthier environment. Mother Earth says to drink your tea!
  4. Calm Minds = Open Hearts – Use the steeping time to practice meditation. For 3-5 minutes close your eyes, inhale slowly and gently exhale. Repeat until tea is steeped. Continue on your way with renewed calm, presence and energy that come from conscious breathing meditation.
  5. Love Sets You Free – Even The National Cancer Institute suggests drinking tea (and conscious breathing) as a way to help you quit smoking. Drinking tea can help you overcome addiction to cigarettes and alcohol. Being able to live your life free from these substances will greatly improve your quality of life. Possible side effects may include being addicted to tea. 😉
  6. Live and Breathe With Love – Studies show that the fluoride in tea assists in preventing cavities. Antioxidant material found in tea can also help to prevent halitosis by killing bacteria in the mouth.
  7. Love is For Everyone – If you have tea then you have what you need to throw a party. Whether 3 people or 23 people, tea adds to any gathering. Invite a new neighbor, catch up with an old friend, enjoy the warmth of family, celebrate someone’s birthday or just because it’s Monday! Show your love by sharing it with others.

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