Tea Moments — Putting Down the Duster

Tea beats dusting any day, so put down that duster and take a tea moment. You’ll be all the better for it, trust me.

There seems to be an over concern with having a dust-free house. It’s everywhere — in commercials on TV and radio, in billboards, as a topic of conversation at a party (“Gee, her house is so dust-free!”) Let’s face it. This is blatant discrimination against us dust lovers and against those innocuous creatures, the dust bunnies (second cousins to Easter Bunnies)!

We who live the “tea life” (where tea isn’t just a beverage but a way of life) have better things to do with our time. We also have kind hearts and know that dust bunnies need a place to live. (Give a dust bunny a break. After all, the space under your bed or sofa is otherwise virtually unused. Stinky sneakers don’t count.) We definitely know that it’s more fun to have a tea break. So, set aside your dust cloth, Swiffer, old T-shirt, or whatever you use and ignore the words “Dust Me” that some joker wrote in the dust on a table top or chest of drawers.

Another reason to choose tea over dusting: Tea is one of those things where your enjoyment of it increases exponentially the more people you are drinking it with. For example, have a friend over for tea, and the enjoyment doesn’t double, it triples. Have a couple of friends over for tea, and the enjoyment quadruples. And so on. Trust me — I’ve done scientific research on this. Well, maybe not scientific, but I have had friends over for tea and the fun factor has really jumped. You can’t say this about dusting. (Who ever heard of a dusting party?)

First, there is the chit chat while the tea steeps, everyone catching up on the latest news and sharing their take on the state of the world. Then, stories are shared over bountiful cups of tea and a plateful of finger sandwiches, tarts, and fresh fruit. Everything from how their children are doing in school, to the annoying co-worker at the office, or the long wait they had to get the repairman out to take care of the latest appliance on the fritz.

By the time you’re ready to make up a second pot, the topic of conversation will probably have reached “My plan for solving every big issue facing our world.” Too bad the governments of the world can’t get together like this over tea and goodies. My wonderful Blue Betty 6-cup teapot, a premium full-leaf Summer Flush Darjeeling, a freshly baked batch of fruit tarts, along with an appropriate array of tea enhancers (cream, lemon, sweetener, and honey) could take on the U.N.

As the tea in the pot disappears, the conversation finally turns to: “So, I see you haven’t dusted in awhile.” That whole snippy, I’m-a-better-housekeeper-than-you attitude from my guests is a signal that I should either chase them all out and start dusting or steep up another pot of tea. Three guesses which one I choose.

Next time you get the urge to dust, shake it off and go steep a pot of tea. Enjoy!

Get more ideas for “tea moments” over on Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

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