Tea Moments — Watching an Airplane Fly By

The sound of an airplane (the kind with a propeller or two) flying overhead signals a tea moment for me. Mainly, it evokes memories of childhood Summers. Hot, hazy days when all I could manage to do was sit under a shady tree, reading a book or making up dramas to be enacted by “Ken” and “Barbie” (not the Barbara Cartland kind, more the Anton Chekhov kind). The airplane engine sound would coax me out from under the tree to watch that speck in its trek across the sky.

Kids are interesting to watch. So much is new to them, yet they try to appear grown up and knowledgeable. I was no different. When I would watch those propeller planes going by, thoughts would go through my head like, “How do airplanes stay up in the sky?” “Why do some airplanes not stay up in the sky?” “Where are they going?” “Who are they?” If an adult would ask me what I was doing, I would just say, “Uh, just watching an airplane go by.” No need to divulge the inner stream of questions flowing through my brain.

Now that I’m an adult, those airplanes flying through a bright blue Summer sky still fascinate. The musings about who they are and where they’re going still come to mind. (My adult brain has already achieved answers to the other two questions.) I grab a cup of hot tea and lie back in the grass to follow those airplanes across the sky.

I have to interrupt this article for an important announcement:

Drinking a hot beverage from a cup while lying on your back is strategically and logistically a bit, well, to put it mildly, problematic. The action often results in some of the hot liquid going up your nose or around your cheeks and into your ears which, if the tea is sweetened with honey or sugar, attracts ants. Ugh!

You’ve been forewarned. Back to the article.

So, I have my cup of hot tea sitting on the grass beside me and I’m lying there looking up at a blue sky textured with clouds ranging from mid-gray to bright white hues. My eyes are watching that prop plane coming from the West over the top of the tall trees and heading East for about halfway across the portion of sky within my view. Then the plane does a slight shift Northward.

Time to sit up and take a big gulp of the tea.

Back to watching the plane, which is now going full North. Hmm, route change or erratic flight plan? There’s that question that any of us with even a smidgeon of curiosity is asking right now: “Where are they going?” As long as the plan stays airborne until it…

Time to sit up and take another big gulp of the tea, which is getting noticeably cooler, then lie back down.

…reaches its destination, whatever that might be. Just then, I notice that one of the clouds that the plane has just flown across (from my vantage point) has shifted shape. It looks like a big teapot in the sky. As it continues to morph, it now looks like a dragon, then breaks into several smaller cloud clumps that I swear resemble teacups and saucers. Now they look like…

Sit up. Another big gulp of even cooler tea. Still tastes good, though. Some teas are like that. Lie back down.

…little bunnies. Well, the airplane is gone now. I got so distracted with that cloud. Happens every time. So, I sit up and finish off my now cold hot tea.

Whoever they were, wherever they were going, for whatever reason, I hope they have a potful of tasty tea when they get there. Speaking of tea, time for a refill. Enjoy!

Once you’re done cloud-gazing, stop by A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

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