Tea Moments — Iced Tea and the Bug Zapper

Warm, muggy Summer nights and a tall glass of chilled (iced) tea enjoyed on the front porch or the deck/patio out back make for some interesting tea moments. The reason: bugs.

Now, I’m not one of these people that sees a bug, alive or dead, and goes “Eewwww!” in total disgust and revulsion. That’s mainly because I recognize that insects are a great force on this planet. We’d have dead animal carcasses piled miles high without the scavengers (mostly beetles). We’d have no fruits and vegetables (and thus no animal life on the planet) without bees. Many species of birds wouldn’t exist (some birds eat their weight in insects every day), not to mention bats, reptiles, fish, and anteaters. The creatures that feed on the birds and fish (including your family cat possibly) wouldn’t exist. And so on.

Nevertheless, a bug zapper hanging near our back deck is essential. It keeps those bugs at bay that would otherwise drive us totally batty and make enjoyment of our tea moment impossible. The bug zapper itself, though, poses it’s own problem. The big issue is keeping the “goners” (bugs that don’t escape the zapper’s “charms”) out of your tea. Even though there’s a catch pan on the zapper, some of the “goners” bounce off enough to miss that pan but (alas!) not miss my glass of tea.

I’ve developed a bit of a “bug zapper twitch” where my hand jerks the glass of tea out of range every time I hear that “zzzzzzzt!” sound. Moving to the other side of the deck isn’t an option. If I sit too far from the zapper, the bugs become troublesome. I can put a lid on the glass, but it would need a hole for the straw. A bug could get in through that hole, even with a straw in it, or maybe would fall into the straw itself.

Okay, now I’m getting that tight-chested feeling I get when presented with a problem that seems not to have a solution. Hmm…

Then, one evening after I spilt some tea trying to twitch out of the way of the next kamikaze bug, hubby came up with the perfect solution. He took a clean handkerchief out of his pocket (yes, he carries a handkerchief, which is practical as well as somewhat charming) and laid it over the top of my tea glass. The next bug to fall landed on the handkerchief and was very visible against the white cloth. I shook off the bug and took a sip of my tea. Aaahhh…perfect!!

Just goes to show, when you have an insoluble problem, turn to your hubby, boyfriend, dad, or whatever significant male in your life and see if he has a handkerchief. Those squares of cloth may not be as popular as they used to be, but they seem to be a quick solution to a wide range of problems.

They certainly keep those “goners” out of my tea. Now, if they can only help me win this Scrabble game. Sigh!

Check out A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill. We promise you won’t get zapped!

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