Tea Moments — The Trick-or-Treaters

Store shelves are burgeoning with enough candy to keep an army of trick-or-treaters well-sated until next Spring. Even so, I’ve decided to take a different approach this year. The key item in this plan, and its inspiration, is a handy product called T-sacs!

Tearooms across the country and indeed around the world use T-sacs to serve up their fine loose leaf teas in a manner that avoids needing to strain the liquid. They fill the sacs with the tea and then steep it. However, these cleverly made little sacks have other possibilities. One is perfect for satisfying those bell-ringers in their “frightful” costumes on Halloween Eve.

Go ahead and buy those bags of candy from the stores. Then, line up rows of T-sacs (they come in four sizes, so you can choose how generous you want to be). Next, dump the contents of all the candy bags into a big bowl and then divvy up the items between the T-sacs. Try to make them pretty even between the candies with chocolate and those without chocolate. As a kid, I always preferred the chocolate candies, like Three Musketeers, Hershey’s kisses, and anything from Nestlé, and would be very disappointed by those gummy things that stuck in my teeth if I chewed instead of just sucking on them like a lozenge for hours and hours. Peanut butter kisses weren’t quite as bad. Still, chocolate…  Anyway, be good to those trick-or-treaters by making sure each sack has at least one chocolate item in it.

Once they’re full, be sure to close each bag securely. You could use tape, staples, or paperclips. However, if you’re like me with my “pioneer spirit” of saving such things as twist ties (among many other things) for times like this, you’ll have plenty on hand to use to close up those goodie bags.

There are other options for filling those T-sacs. You could include a few “surprises” like little plastic spiders, rubber eyeballs, or…hm…maybe not. Some of the younger kids might be too frightened or not understand that they’re not supposed to eat rubber eyeballs.

If you are going to have an adults only Halloween party, you could use these T-sacs to make party favors for your guests. The sky is the limit here. Fill them with kitschy little items like the fake spiders and eyeballs. Load ’em up with M&M’s, gumballs, or similar items. Of course, you could always fill them with — here’s a novel idea — TEA! If you’re like Madam Potts and like to blend your own, this is a great opportunity for your party guests to try out the latest “mad mixture”! If you opt for something like potpourri instead, you might want to label the T-sacs as such, just in case they try to infuse the contents and drink the resulting liquid. Ew!

So, now you know. The “T” in T-sacs really stands for “treats.” Hope this has started your imagination working on the many possibilities not only of these little paper sacks but of how to present treats to this year’s round of doorbell ringers. Enjoy!

For more wonderful tea ideas, stop by Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

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