Tea Kettle Philosophy — A Humorous Word

A lot of great thoughts can occur to you while you’re waiting for that tea kettle to boil. My mind certainly wonders down various paths. The other day, in the midst of that interminable wait, I started thinking how humor works wonders to diffuse what could be an upsetting situation, many of which could occur during the tea steeping process.

A few examples:

  • Trying to prepare a delicate green tea and overheating the water to a rolling boil (it was the stove’s fault — honest!)
  • Opening up the tea pouch/tin/whatever over the sink and dropping it (that one made me really want to cry!)
  • Scorching your fingers on the teapot lid that is hotter than you expected, thus dropping and chipping it (or shattering it, as I have done to a couple of now lidless teapots)
  • Forgetting to pour the tea liquid through a strainer (we always steep it loose, not in an infuser) from the teapot to the cups, not noticing the big leaf pieces plopping into them, and then getting grossed out when stirring the tea (with milk in it) and seeing the pieces showing
  • Steeping the perfect pot of tea and then spilling it, or realizing that you have an urgent appointment and have to leave right away without enjoying even the first “golden pour” cupful
  • Forgetting to put tea in the teapot and, thus, ending up with perfectly steeped water

Humor to the rescue! Make a remark about how you’re so hot you can make water boil by standing next to it. How about saying that spilling the tea leaves gives you a “sinking” feeling? And then you could say that pouring tea is a real strain. You get the idea!

My hubby is certainly a great one for defusing what could end up being an emotional powder keg. One day things weren’t exactly going according to plan in the kitchen (they rarely do). My attempt at making key lime pie, consisting of opening a can of pie filling, popping the plastic cover off a store bought graham crumb pie crust, and then combining the two, was going a bit awry. The plastic top stuck to the crumbs, pulling a section out that had to be carefully scraped off the plastic back into the pie pan to fill the hole. The pie filling turned out to be rather sticky, and the more I tried to spread it smoothly, the more it stuck to the spatula and the crumb crust. By the time it had gotten spread to a point that I could call it something akin to a pie, hubby came in, took one look, and remarked, “Ah, green spatula pie. Looks great!”

Ha…ha…ha…a real laugh riot… but it did lighten my mood. We chilled the pie about an hour, steeped up a delicious pot of English Breakfast Blend tea (served up in a Far Side mug), and enjoyed a jovial tea time.

A humorous word — it can save the day!

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