The Story of Davidson’s Tea

Since 1976 (or 1977, depending on which source you go by) a tea company in the U.S. has been steadily building a reputation for carrying fine teas. That company is Davidson’s Tea located in Sparks, Nevada, next door to Reno.

There’s an old joke in Reno that it’s so hot there you can see sparks (meaning the town of Sparks, obviously). Well, you can easily quench your thirst due to that heat with a cuppa Davidson’s tea, hot or chilled/iced.

Davidsons Silver Needles Loose Leaf White Tea
Davidsons Silver Needles Loose Leaf White Tea

Company Owner John Davidson and President Sharon Davidson lead a lean staff of five to nine people who source and blend the best teas they can find. Their line of products range from unblended and unflavored teas such as Assam, Mountain Copper Oolong, Silver Needles, and Keemun Congou, to flavored teas, including classics like Earl Grey and fruity blends like Cherry Vanilla Black, Peach White Tea, and Spiced Pear Black Tea.

Prefer herbals? They have a bunch of those. Unfortunately, like many tea vendors, they apply the tea term to these herbals so it’s a bit confusing. They also lump into the tea category tisanes made of plants other than the tea bush (Camellia Sinensis) such as Rooibos, Honeybush, Maté, Guayusa, and others. Fairly typical of tea vendors these days, though. If you want to avoid caffeine and/or true tea, or stick to true tea and avoid those other things, you have to read labels carefully or sometimes even go to a company’s Website. Sigh!

Getting back to Davidson’s Tea, they are dedicated to giving you choices. Whether you prefer your teas bagged or loose, hot or iced, straight or flavored, you will find something to tempt your inner tea lover. They also offer, for your gift-giving ease, tea chests that are sleek and modern in design and come pre-filled with teas in various groupings: green teas, special blend teas, decaffeinated teas, and traditional teas.

The Davidsons, like others before and since, started their tea business out of a love of the beverage and a desire to share the best of it with others. They built on those simple beginnings and now have a thriving business. Sharon and John have been successful in part due to a commitment to quality but also from a desire to keep up with, and sometimes be ahead of, the latest tea trends. Both of these things keep their customers coming back for more.

The good news is that these teas are available from The English Tea Store along with a variety of other brands. So, if you absolutely love The English Tea Store’s version of, for example, Scottish Breakfast and you also simply cannot live without some PG Tips and Walker’s Shortbread, you can order these along with your favorite Davidson’s Tea. All arriving at your door in one neat package.

Now, that’s civilized!

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