Robinsons — The “Funnest” Drinks Around

Robinsons Apple and Blackcurrant 1 Liter
Robinsons Apple and Blackcurrant

Robinsons makes fruit drinks, called “squashes” in the UK, that are the “funnest” drinks around. They’ve been at it for over 180 years and have thus honed the beverage fun factor to a fine art form.

To those of us in the U.S., the word “squash” indicates either a vegetable or some weird tennis-like game played by the Ivy-league set. To those in the UK, it’s a fruit drink, so named because the fruit is “squashed” to make it pulpy and therefore more conducive to making into a drinkable concoction. At least that’s my theory, one to which I fervently cling.

The Apple and Blackcurrant flavor and the Orange flavor are the two most common ones. This is where the fun begins with a fresh taste that comes from using only the highest quality ingredients and no artificial colors and flavors. That taste has won them numerous awards and made them the number one squash brand in the UK. Originally created (in 1935) as a refreshing and hydrating drink for the players at Wimbledon, Robinsons Barley Water was soon on grocer’s shelves and gained instant success.

Robinsons Orange Fruit Drink 1 Litre
Robinsons Orange Fruit Drink

Never heard of Barley Water? It’s a combo of barley crystals, lemon juice, sugar and water, and was created by the Coleman’s company that had acquired Robinsons in 1903, along with Keens & Sons whose main product was mustard and that Robinsons had joined with in 1862. Fruit was added to the barley water in 1994, a year before the company was acquired by BritVic, one of Europe’s leading soft drinks companies. In 2010, the company celebrated their 75th anniversary of sponsoring Wimbledon. Along the way, Robinsons has been spreading fun with every drop of their fruit drinks consumed.

Robinsons sponsors a website called Panto Karaoke where you can post videos of yourself and your loved ones singing songs from Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin and Peter Pan. They are also holding a contest where you and your family could win a street tennis set that will bring the fun and excitement of Wimbledon to your back yard or local park.

Serve up some fruity fun in a glass along with your tennis balls and have the “funnest” Summer.

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