Another Great Tea to Serve Cold — Monk’s Blend

Monk's Blend
Monk's Blend

Teas blended to be served iced or cold abound, but you have lots of other options, too. Quite often a tea you love when served hot will be good when served cold. I find this is especially true of teas that have fruit flavors added in. Monk’s Blend Black Tea is the latest one I’ve tried both ways, and it has not disappointed. Quite the contrary.

Monk’s Blend is black tea (natural high grown Ceylon tea from estates at more than 5,500 feet above sea level) with grenadine flavor (made from pomegranates) and vanilla, so hot or cold, a wonderful fruity flavor permeates it. While pomegranate has a natural tang to it, the vanilla keeps this in check. You may want a bit of sweetener, but hubby and I like it as is. The combination of tea, grenadine, and vanilla “play nice” together, producing a yummy yet balanced trio of flavors.

Despite what Krystal Lane says in her article, Help! My Iced Tea Is Cloudy!, clarity in iced or chilled tea is not a trait to use when judging your tea quality. That cloudiness can often be a natural result of additives in the tea such as cinnamon being suspended in the liquid. What matters is the taste and, to a lesser extent depending on the sensitivity of your “sniffer,” the aroma.

When chilling a tea for the first time, I always try it unsweetened. You could make a small amount, chill or ice it, and see how it goes. Then decide if it’s sweet enough before you commit to making a whole pitcherful. If sweetener is needed in the tea, add it while the tea is hot after steeping.

I don’t add ice to tea, since that would require the tea to be steeped stronger than usual to balance out the dilution when the ice melts. I let the hot tea sit on the counter and come to about room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator for a few hours or even overnight. It certainly worked well with the Monk’s Blend!

My review of this tea served hot.

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