Strawberry Season 🍓

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Summer brings some of the best fruits around. Strawberries are some of the most popular summer fruits, with it’s sweet, refreshing taste. Strawberry season usually lasts from June until August so it’s a short time to enjoy these bright red gems. They are enjoyed topped on cakes to mixed in salads. If you are one of the few who eagerly awaits for summer to enjoy strawberries, here are a few of our favorite strawberry teas and goodies to help you celebrate strawberry season during the hot summery days:


Strawberry Tingle Rooibos has South African Rooibos pairing divinely with sweet strawberries for a caffeine free tingle.

Caffeine Free Strawberry Tingle Rooibos Tea  - Loose Leaf
Stawberry Tingle Rooibos

Long Island Strawberry Green Tea is a blend of Chinese green tea and strawberry. Bits of papaya pieces add an even more fruity kick to this mellow tea.


Lady Londonderry is a bit like strawberry lemonade, but for tea lovers! You can always add some lemonade to it, though. I feel that this is one the most summery teas at the English Tea Store. Crisp black tea with hints of fragrant strawberries and lemon. You will definitely taste it!


Now, the three teas I have described above are just some of our summery teas you can enjoy either hot or over ice. One of the best ways to help beat the summer heat and humidity here in the US. If you do not want to drink your strawberry fix but would much rather eat it, then take a look at some of our edible strawberry goodies!


Jams and preserves are some of the best parts of summer. Some people like to pick strawberries and make jam into them but if you don’t have that kind of time or energy, then look no further. Duerr’s and Abbey Farm strawberry preserves. Duerr’s comes from the oldest jam maker in England (since 1881), so they have quite the experience in making jam. Abbey Farm is an Irish jam, handmade with 100% Irish ingredients. Use either of these sweet spreads on scones, toast, or in a Victoria Sponge.


Bird’s Strawberry Trifle Mix is a perfect dessert for when the days get the hottest. All you need is some milk! Everything else is in the box! That includes the sponge fingers!



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