Tea Wallet & Honey Stick 🍯

ETS Honey Sticks - Clover 20 count

Traveling this summer and need to have your tea? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! I have gone on vacation several times and put some tea bags in a plastic baggie but it wasn’t very attractive taking it out of a little plastic bag to have some tea. In addition, my tea bags would get damaged whenever I had them in my bag for too long or I would forget about them.

Why not try a tea wallet? With tea wallets, they’re a bit hard to forget! Each tea wallet has 6 sleeves to hold your teabags and 4 little compartments for sweeteners. Just slide in all your tea and sweeteners, fold accordingly, and snap them closed! Put them in your purse, bag, suitcase, or anything you use to travel with. No more damaged tea bags!

Tea Wallet Pictures.jpg

Our tea wallets are not only useful but stylish. We carry a colorful range of designs from floral to fruity. My personal favorite is cats!

Now, to accompany your tea and sweetener, you or your friends might need some honey. It would be a bit hard to bring a bottle of honey along with you. How about a honey stick? Honey sticks are some of the best things you could have in your pantry or tea cupboard. These little sticks of joy are perfect for enjoying at home or on the go. If you like honey in your tea or a quick snack, then these little honey sticks are for you!

Honey sticks are also good for satisfying a craving for something sweet. They are not just for adults but they are also enjoyed by kids*! Whenever there is a pack of honey sticks at my house, my nieces and nephews always manage to gobble them up!

Try both of these quality products whether you are at home, work, or traveling on vacation. Take them anywhere you want to go!


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