Tea for the School Year ✏️



Recently at my regular job at a supermarket, I have been promoted to a position which involves me coming in and working graveyard shift. This means I have to come in and work while everyone else is asleep. Sometimes my shifts can begin as early as 2:30 in the morning, and the local coffee shops are not open just yet. With my recent schedule change, this took me back to my college days when I would get up early to go to my morning classes. The thing I hated the most was making an entire pot of coffee and only drinking one cup! I ended up having to throw away the entire pot after my cup of coffee.


During my college days, not only did I learn to love coffee, but it also taught me to appreciate tea. When I was not wasting pots of coffee and studying, I loved to sit at a table or desk with a good cup of tea. It always calmed my nerves or it motivated me enough to do my work.


If you have a college student or you yourself are a college student going to either community college or university, you know it’s always tough with the all nighters and there is worry of not getting enough sleep. As I always suggest, a cup of tea will do them some good. English Tea Store has a few teas to help perk you up so you can study for your big test or help calm your nerves right before the big test.


Coffee or Tea flavored Pu-erh gives you 3-for-1. This tea is an invigorating combination of Pu-erh tea, pure Ethiopian Coffee, and just a dash of Kerala cocoa. So bold and chocolaty, you can have this with a splash of milk or enjoy iced.

Coffee or Tea Flavored Pu-erh Loose Leaf Tea

Study Buddy Loose Leaf Herbal Tea is South American Mate, which has been said to be a powerful energy boosting tea by itself, mixed with flower petals and dried fruit, making a pleasing smell and taste. The tea is a pink color when brewed, giving off a nice, cheery mood. A study buddy indeed!

Study Buddy Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

Hangover Helper Herbal Tea is to give you a nice calming effect after a night on the town or perhaps pulling an all-nighter. Try this hot or iced with just a splash of vodka added for a tea-based Bloody Mary!

Hangover Helper Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

Remember to eat properly, too! Enjoy your tea with a bowl of oatmeal or some eggs and toast in addition to some fresh fruit. A meal before class can help students concentrate better during lectures.


Have a safe and happy school year!




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