British Delicacies

Depending on where you live here in the US, you may see the leaves begin to change and the weather go from blazing hot to cool and chilly in a mere few days. You may see blustery winds and leaves changing along with gray and drizzly weather along with bright orange pumpkins dotting the neighborhood doorsteps. Now, if the weather has you thinking about the UK, it may have you craving a good scone with some jam and clotted cream and a nice steaming cup of your favorite tea. Never worry! We carry a load of your favorite British baking mixes that will bring you the comfort of Home right here in the USA.




Our scone mixes are some of most popular baking items that we carry. Sticky Fingers brand Scone Mixes are a gourmet line of mixes based right here in the United States. They are easy to make and are usually baked in a short amount of time! Try some unique flavors like White Chocolate Raspberry or Coconut Chocolate Chip or take the traditional route and enjoy Original or Lemon Poppyseed. These mixes are delicious and will be gone in no time!





For traditional British baking, bake with true British ingredients and flavor! Caster sugar is much more finer than granulated sugar, so it allows for the sugar to mix in much more quicker with your batters and dough’s and makes it feel much more lighter and fluffier. Caster sugar is perfect for Victoria Sponges, meringues, and puddings. And with Christmas coming up, you will want to stock up on jars of mincemeat filling! Robertsons Mincemeat is a popular mincemeat filling made with dried fruits, candied peels, and mixed spices. Make your own pastry crust (or use store bought) and make enough mince pies to last you until New Year’s!


Another British bake that could also be considered American in my book is the crumble. I have grown up eating crumbles but I never knew they were British! Green’s Crumble Mix is a mix from the UK that allows you to make your own for a quick warm dessert on a cool autumn night. Add your own fruit like apples or berries or even add some Ambrosia Devon Custard along with it for an even more hearty dessert!



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