Trifle for the Holiday’s 🍓


Image result for strawberry trifleThere is more to holiday dessert than just pumpkin pie. While pumpkin pie will always be one of my favorite desserts of the holiday season, I like to try to experiment with other desserts. Dip your toe across the Atlantic and try out a trifle this holiday season!

What is a trifle? A traditional trifle features layers of jam, sponge cake fingers, custard, cream, and if you like, fruit. Trifles are traditionally made by soaking the sponge cake fingers in sherry but they can be made without it. Trifles can also be any flavor you like, ranging from strawberry to chocolate, and even your favorite biscuit flavor. Trifles allow for limitless possibilities. Decorate the top with some fresh berries, nuts, or crushed biscuits.

The name Trifle is derived from the french word trufle, meaning whimsy or of little consequence. The dessert has a history dating back to the 1500s when it was mentioned in Thomas Dawson’s book The Good Huswifes Jewell. It was also said that the trifle was created using leftover custard and stale sponge cakes during that time. Trifles have been a part of British life for generations that there are entire cookbooks devoted to the trifle and trifle bowls (bowls with a handle on the bottom) are sold in British home and kitchen stores.

To make your own trifle at home, it only takes a few ingredients and a little bit of work. For those who want to enjoy a trifle without the hassle of looking for all the ingredients, Bird’s Trifle Mix is the go-to for a quick trifle. It comes with everything you would need, like sponge cake fingers, topping mix, jelly crystals, and sprinkles! All you would need to do is add milk. If you do not have a trifle bowl, a regular bowl always works.

Bird's Strawberry Trifle Mix - 5.1oz (145g)

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