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Warm Up with Swiss Hot Chocolate Black Tea 😋



I’m sitting here at my desk sipping on the Swiss Hot Chocolate Flavored Black Tea as we endure a winter wonderland here in Eastern PA. Even though I’d honestly rather be sipping on some tea on my couch by the fireside…this will definitely do!

This tea may be my new favorite for the cold winter months. As I do love hot chocolate, sometimes I’m not in the mood for something that chocolaty or strong. This tea has a light hint of warm chocolate and the aroma is so amazing it could be made into a candle. Also, you can feel good that you’re not consuming all the calories as you would with hot chocolate.

As I was reading reviews on the ETS site, a customer recommended adding a little cinnamon or honey to this tea for an extra kick and I could see enjoying both. I’ll have to try that in my next cup at home. (Thanks Luberry :))


This amazing tea is a blend of high grown Ceylon tea, rich cocoa beans and white camomile petals. However, don’t be turned off by the floral aspect because in my opinion you can barely taste it. It gives the perfect hint. The caffeine in this specific tea is medium due to the natural caffeine found in the L. Camellia Sinsensis family. BUT get this…the antioxidant content is HIGH! This is great because there are more polyphenols which helps boost the immune system and ignite energy in your body.



If you have not got your hands on this tea yet, PLEASE DO. If I haven’t persuaded you to a whole bag, you can purchase a 1 oz. bag for a taste test here.







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