The Luck of the Irish! ☘️


One fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is tea the Irish way. If you want to change up your tea routine or just do something new with your friends and family, then this would be a wonderful activity.

Let’s start with the most important part: tea. Ireland has some of the best tea you can buy. Barry’s Tea is one of the best selling brands of tea in Ireland. There are several kinds, with Gold Blend, Irish Breakfast, Classic, and Decaf. The Gold Blend is the signature blend and you can see why with its beautifully bright golden color and refreshing taste. Another popular Irish tea brand is Lyons tea. Like Barry’s, TEATTOT1000016767_-00_Bewleys-Original-Blend-Tea-80-Teabags.jpgLyons has a Gold blend but the teabags come in a pyramid shape and there is an “Original” Blend. The Original Blend is normally called Lyons Green but it’s not actually green tea. Instead, it is still black tea. Finally, there is Bewley’s Irish Tea which is a bit different than both Barry’s and Lyons. While there is a Breakfast and a Gold blend, Bewley’s also has a Dublin Morning Tea and an Irish Afternoon Tea. Dublin Morning is a malty blend of full-bodied African teas while Irish Afternoon is lighter, yet stronger, blended with teas grown from Kenya and other parts of Africa.


The next part is the bread and scones. Our variety of Hogan’s bread mixes feature two TEAJAMS1000016691_-00_Sticky-Fingers-Irish-Soda-Bread-15oz.jpgtypes of Irish soda bread with brown and white. Hogan’s also makes a scone mix so it makes it easy for you to make a batch of fresh Irish scones. If you are strapped for time, however, there is always O’Hara’s of Foxford’s Farmhouse Fruitcake, which is something that’s already baked. The best thing about it is very moist and packed with fruit. Did I mention that the cake is made in Ireland?


teafsjm1000032889_-00_abbey-farms-rhubarb-and-ginger-preserves.jpgFinally, we have jam. Scones are no fun if they don’t have any jam on them, so add a little fun and flavor to them! We carry two brands of Irish jams, Abbey Farm and Follain. The two brands may have a few similar flavors but there are a few different ones. Try Follain’s Gooseberry and marmalades or Abbey Farm’s Strawberry! Don’t forget the clotted cream and Devon cream!


Add a few tea sandwiches and you have yourself an Irish tea time. Enjoy and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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