Tea & Flowers 🌻


Spring has sprung and that may make you want to change up your tea routine. Gone are the days of cinnamon and apples (we will see them again in six months), and it’s time to bring out the flowers. Yes, you read that correctly. Beautiful, colorful, blooms in your tea to help give your add a light, floral finish. They have been used and blended in teas for ages and it looks like there is no withering in sight.

You would be surprised to learn the role flowers play in tea. Sometimes they are blended with tea or, in the case of camomile and Butterfly Pea, they are the tea. Camomile flowers are similar to a daisy while butterfly pea flowers look like a little bell. Both camomile and butterfly pea flowers boast health benefits to whomever drinks it in the form of a tea. You can flavor each tea to your liking but the added bonus of Butterfly Pea is the addition of lemon for a magical, color changing effect!

A popular flower tea is the Flowering Tea (aka Blooming Tea), in which a dried up ball is dropped into a cup or teapot of hot water and you watch as not only your tea brews, but the ball opens up to reveal a flower, thus its namesake. These beauties are usually handcrafted using tea and flowers like chrysanthemum, lily, marigold, jasmine, osmanthus, and many others. They are sewn together mostly in China where much of the tea is grown but they can be made elsewhere in the world. To make a flowering tea, simply place a tea ball in your teapot (a glass one is usually best for these) or cup and pour freshly boiled water on it. It is always a sight to see when they are brewed since the tea ball blooms as it steeps, but the best part is getting to drink it!

While most flowers are used as an herbal tea, they are also used with caffeinated teas like black, green, and white tea. Popular flowers include cornflowers, hibiscus, lavender, rose petals, and calendula. Some good teas we suggest include some of these flowers.

English Tea Store’s Versailles Lavender Earl Grey Tea is the best of two countries, England and France. Citrusy, flavorful English Earl Grey is blended with heavenly French lavender to make this floral pick-me-up. This tea will make you will want to dance in a field of lavender flowers!


English Tea Store’s Lavender Herbal Tea is not only pleasing to look at, but it’s also got a very pleasing aroma. You can blend this lavender with any of your favorite teas, or use it to add the soothing scent anywhere in your home.


English Tea Store’s Jasmine Green Tea is a must green tea lovers. Our Chinese grown steamed green tea is blended with delicate Jasmine flowers for a lovely balance of flavors in your teacup. You will be captivated by the scent and and taste. Enjoy with honey.



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