You’ll Want To Spread This On Everything: Fruit Butter! 🍎

Today we are going to look at fruit butters! Some of you may have heard of it but others who have never heard of it could be confused. Fruit as a butter? What is that? Fruit butters are its lesser known than its cousins jam and jelly, but it’s steadily gaining popularity, especially in the Fall. Fruit butters are used as a spread on toast, muffins, crumpets, and scones.

One of the most well known fruit butters is apple butter, which is said to date back to the late 19th century. The consistency of fruit butter is somewhat like applesauce but a more concentrated consistency. However, unlike applesauce, it’s smooth and not as chunky. Fruit butters can be made with just about any fruit. Take a look at plum butter where it is popular in Austria. Plum butter is known as Powidl in Austria, where it’s not only used as a spread but also in desserts like Buchteln (sweet rolls filled with Powidl) or Germknödel, a fluffy bread-like dumpling that is filled with Powidl and steamed. You can add fruit butter to just about anything and it will still taste delicious

Sticky Fingers Bakery makes their own brand of fruit butters that come in pumpkin, pear, and cranberry apple. Enjoy them on muffins, toast, scones, or use them in your baking. These flavors are perfect for Fall or any time of year. Make some of their own brand of scones and try some fruit butter with them this Fall. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


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