Gluten-Free Holiday Treats! 🎄

The holiday season is here and that means it’s time to break out the holiday goodies! Christmas cakes, puddings, and mince pies are gobbled up each year by millions. However, up until recent years, some people have had to miss out on British Christmas goodies. With wheat allergy and Celiac awareness, vast majorities of food companies are beginning to make more gluten-free products.

The awareness of gluten allergies and Celiac (Coeliac) Disease have increased due to a large amount of people having one or both. I myself am engaged to a person who, along with his mother, suffer from a wheat allergy, which causes them to have a reaction of hives, indigestion, or, in more serious cases, go into anaphylactic shock when they eat wheat and other gluten laden foods. Celiacs also have serious reactions, but there are more than 200 known symptoms according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

For the first time in many years (or ever), wheat sensitive individuals can experience true British Christmas food. Check out what we have below!

Lovemore Gluten Free Mince Pies* – The shortcrust pastry is made with a mixture of rice, maize, and potato starch, making it suitable for Celiacs and those allergic to wheat. The sweet mince filling is made using the same ingredients for regular mince pies, including the use of brandy. These delectable pies are made in Wales so you know they are going to be delightful!

Lovemore Iced Rich Fruit Cake – Another product by Lovemore, this is a gluten free take on another British Christmas classic. This juicy Christmas cake is topped with marzipan and fondant icing. It’s also loaded with dried fruits like currants and glace cherries (also known as candied cherries) along with fragrant spices like cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg.

Lovemore Port and Brandy Fruit Slab Cake – Much like its frosted counterpart, this gluten free version of fruit cake is rich, moist, and mouthwatering. This cake is a delectable blend of dried mixed fruit, citrus peels, and infused with the UK’s favorite port and brandy.

Enjoy these with brandy butter, clotted, or devon cream! Also a perfect gift for the gluten free, sweet-toothed buddy in your life.



Please Note: These products contain eggs and are made in a facility that uses nuts.

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