Cherries Are In Season! 🍒

Cherries are in season! These bright red jewels are in season only for a short time so enjoy them while you can this season! Hold an all-cherry tea time this summer with just a few ideas:

English Tea Store’s Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Green Tea – A smooth green tea with sweet cherry and floral morning rose flavor, adding an exotic character to the tea. Enjoy hot or iced.

Ahmad Tea’s Rosehip, Hibiscus, and Cherry Herbal Tea Bags – One of my own personal favorite herbal teas, this medley of cherry, rosehip, and hibiscus make a refreshing iced tea. For more fun, add frozen cherries to your drink!

Cherry Lemonade and Cherry Limeade – Perfect for kids or anyone who is simply not a fan of tea. Add maraschino cherry juice to fresh lemonade or limeade and garnish with a few cherries!

Cherry Snuggie Cozy, Dome Cozy, and Tea Wallet While these are obviously not edible (though those cherries pictured on them look absolutely divine), they definitely make the decor charming. The Snuggie Cozy adds an elegant look to your teapot while keeping tea hot and protecting the hands. The Dome Cozy not only helps keep the tea nice and hot, but it also helps keep those pesky bugs from going inside the teapot! Lastly, the tea wallet is perfect as a gift for your attendees. As an added bonus, place some tea bags of choice inside the pockets!


Sticky Fingers Tart Cherry Scone Mix – If you want to bake your summery desserts with love, then Sticky Fingers can help. An easy to make mix, you can have tart cherry scones within an hour. If you’re strapped for time, however, then you may find Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewell Tarts to be your best bet. Mr. Kipling is one of the most popular baked good companies in the UK so it’s a real treat to have some right here in America! Little flaky pastries filled with raspberry plum jam with nutty almond cake which is then topped with sweet icing and a juicy cherry. The best part is that you don’t have to cook or heat them up! Take them straight out of the box, plate, and enjoy!

Along with scones and cherry bakewells, there is also cherry topped cheesecake or cherry pie with a side of vanilla ice cream!

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