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Kitty & Tea Lovers Unite!🍵🐈

There is nothing like curling up with a cup of tea and a soft, purring cat. As a lifelong cat person and tea lover, I have known this joy all too well, so when I discovered cat related tea items, I was in love. If you or a loved one is a tea lover who is also a cat person, then I suggest trying out these purrfect gift ideas!

Our Meow Tea Cup Infuser is my new favorite. Not only am I going green, but I get to express myself with a cute kitty cat. The cat perches itself perfectly on the edge of your cup while seemingly teasing you with a fish shaped infuser. These infusers are also available in black and white 

Chester the Cat Teapot – A perfect teapot for cat lovers. This teapot is in the shape of a curled up black and white cat. Little Chester here holds up to 37 ounces of tea! But if you don’t happen to have a cat shaped teapot, you can still dress up your regular teapot. The Pekoe Cat Tea Cozy and the Purr Dome Cozy

Keeping your teapot warm has never been this cute.

Purr Tea Wallet One of my personal favorites, this tea wallet is a life saver. It’s great for traveling on the road or even just to work! It reduces the use of plastic zipper bags which just end up in the garbage anyway. Best part about this is that it’s got pink cats all over it! 

White Porcelain Cat Tea Bag Holder and Resting Caddy Made from fine quality porcelain, this adorable tea bag holder is perfect for holding your used teabags, spoons, stirrers, .and anything else to catch drips from running all over the table. You can also use these to serve lemon wedges, sugar cubes, and mint leaves!


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  1. I have purchased from The English Tea Store before and I recently made a large purchase again from The English Tea Store. Everything I received was packed well and beautiful. I had contacted customer service and they were wonderful. If you like tea or need a nice gift for someone, I suggest The English Tea Store.

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