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  • Kicking Tea Habits

    Tea drinkers often fall into one of two categories: those with iron-clad tea habits and those without. These tea habits may involve drinking only specific types of tea at specific times, using specific tea wares with specific teas, or always steeping certain teas in certain ways. I certainly have some tea habits; however, they are… Continue reading

  • London Tea Spots: Drink, Shop & Do

    “Café by day. Bar by night. Fun things to do.” This is how Drink, Shop & Do describes itself, and this London tea spot certainly does offer a wide variety of entertainment. As well as serving food and drink, it hosts a range of events from dancing, to poetry readings, to arts and crafts activities,… Continue reading

  • Tea in Brussels – A.M. Sweet Confiserie Tea-Room

    During my stay in Brussels I found time to stop by the A.M. Sweet Tea Room, which is conveniently located near the old city centre. A.M. Sweet Teahouse serves a wide range of loose tea, all sourced from the Mariage Frères tea company. Their tea menu includes several Japanese green teas, an extensive range of… Continue reading

  • Tea in Brussels – The Pepper Mint Tea Room

    Whilst in Brussels, I managed to find time to stop by the delightfully named Pepper Mint Tea Room. Although they do a well-rounded menu of quiches, salads, sweet treats, wine, and beer (it is Belgium, after all), their most extensive offering is tea. With a separate tea menu listing more than forty different tea options,… Continue reading

  • The Local Tea Trend

    As recently discussed on this blog, there is a new(ish) tea plantation in Perthshire, Scotland. Being home to 2,000 Camellia sinensis plants, it is, apparently, one of the largest tea plantations in Europe. The interesting thing about this is that, considering that Asia (and to a lesser extend Africa) is the major tea-growing continent, there… Continue reading

  • London Tea Spots: Yumchaa

    London is a city full of lovely tea spots where you can stop in and enjoy a nice cuppa. Yumchaa is one of those, and what’s more, it is a spot that deals exclusively in loose leaf tea. In fact, they are positively militant about the absence of bags, sachets, or any other device that… Continue reading

  • Give That Lurking Tea a Test

    We’ve all been there: there’s that tin of tea lurking at the back of your cupboard, boldly asserting its continued existence as you make a quick grab for your favourite teas at the front of the shelf. This lurker is the tea that you thought you were going to love but somehow never quite managed… Continue reading

  • More Tea Times in Stockholm

    As I discovered on a recent visit to Stockholm, despite the country being a nation of coffee drinkers, many cafés stock a good tea selection. In recognition of the numerous options for stopping for tea in Stockholm, here is a quick run down (but by no means an exhaustive list!) of a few places that… Continue reading

  • Stopping for Tea in Stockholm

    Considering that the Swedes are avid coffee drinkers, stopping for tea in Stockholm might seem like a futile endeavour. But, as this intrepid tea explorer discovered, that is far from true. Despite the prevailing image of America as a nation of coffee addicts, the land of the free and the home of the brave is… Continue reading

  • Stopping for Tea in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is a wonderful, wonderful town (or so Danny Kaye tells us in the song from the 1952 film Hans Christian Andersen). But song lyrics aside, it really does have some wonderful things to see and explore — tea, rather unexpectedly, being one of them. Although the Danes are really coffee drinkers, I managed to… Continue reading

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