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  • In the Leaves for December

    Well here we are at the end of the year with the festive season firmly upon us. Even the despicable attempts of the shops who started stocking mince pies in September haven’t dampened my excitement! After a long search to find a Christmas brew that wasn’t an obvious and cynical attempt to use up the… Continue reading

  • In the Leaves for November

    November for me is a month of bonfires and fireworks so there is no better tea to help me see what it holds in store than a smokey cup of lapsang souchong served in the most garishly colourful mug I can find. My initial impressions of the month therefore are that it will be delicious… Continue reading

  • In the Leaves for October

    October is traditionally a month of spookyness and candy related mayhem full of child like fun and laughter. What could possibly go wrong? A cup of ghostly white tea seemed appropriate to the season and harboured the following dark portents of impending doom… At the top of the cup there was a lollipop, an axe… Continue reading

  • In the Leaves for September

    So quickly we reach September and the end of Summer.  If your year is flying by as fast as mine, then predicting the future may feel a little redundant — just blink and it’s here. Still, having been given such awesome psychic gifts, it would be irresponsible of me not to use them. It’s always… Continue reading

  • In the Leaves for August

    As August begins, it is once again time to tear open the tea bag of time and gaze in awe upon the leaves of destiny to see what may be revealed to us. While preparing this month’s mystical brew, a lovely chocolatey Keemun black tea, I scalded myself with the water, dropped the teaspoon and spilled… Continue reading

  • In the Leaves for July

    Editor’s note: This article is presented for entertainment purposes only. As of the posting date, there are numerous travel warnings for Egypt, issued by the U.S. Department of State, Canada, the UK, and other countries. Once again it is time to complete the ancient magical and arcane rite of ‘a sit down and a nice cup… Continue reading

  • Tea Plantations Teeming with Life

    Tea plantations provide us humans with the second most popular drink on the planet, but they are popular with other species of critters for different reasons. Tea plantations globally are host to 1,031 species of arthropods alone, not to mention the thousands of other insect, plant and animal species that have made themselves at home… Continue reading

  • Tea Caddies

    Since I nagged you all about proper tea storage for an entire article, I think it’s only fair to point out some of the compensations of responsible tea leaf stewardship. While the less virtuous amongst us will have a cupboard full of boring boxes and packaging, we who care for our beverages can choose to… Continue reading

  • Tea Storage Thoughts

    For many people tea is a drink of convenience analogous to instant coffee. You take a bag out of a box, pour on boiling water, remove the bag and go about your daily business. Tea has been marketed this way so successfully that leaf tea and tea bags are now two completely different products, one… Continue reading

  • Tea Cosys (Cozies)

    I am an enthusiastic, if deeply inept, practitioner of several different arts and crafts. I enjoy baking, making all my own greetings cards, and doing terrible things with papier maché. My most successful creative endeavours tend to fall within the realms of knitting and crochet. I have a lot of enthusiasm and a real talent… Continue reading

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