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  • Steeped in Love

    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of us are trying to find new and creative ways to express our love. Flowers, candles, candy are all fine ideas, but have you considered expressing your affection through tea?  Perhaps there’s something about your lover that can be reflected in a blend of tea, which when explained… Continue reading

  • Tea Goes Trendy for Flavors

    With the popularity of this tiny hot beverage, it’s easy for some to say that tea has gotten too trendy and that anything too trendy will come to an end.  But they said that about soap, about fast food, about hip-hop and all these things are here to stay.  Indeed, the American societal embrace of… Continue reading

  • I Resolve to Drink More Tea!

    As we march forward to the beginning of a new year, many of us reflect upon our lives and reassess our behaviors with a desire for self-improvement.  There are many common New Year’s Resolutions that can be supported the drinking of tea, so let’s take a closer look at how what’s in our cup can… Continue reading

  • Tea Gets Spirited — Celebrate with Style

    With Christmas and New Year’s fast approaching, there’s no better time to make the night special by trying something new. So while you’re stocking up on the usual liquor and champagne, be sure to pick up some tea. There are 3 reasons why having tea will be important this holiday season. #1: Tea allows Everyone… Continue reading

  • The Warmth of the Holidays

    Part of what makes the holidays so merry and bright is that so many people are looking forward to getting together with friends and loved ones, both near and far. Dinner parties, annual traditions, and holiday festivities are par for the course this month. At this time of year, a thoughtful gift is also part… Continue reading

  • Infuse Your Holidays with Inner Peace

    Combating the stress of the holidays? There’s nothing like a nice warm cup of tea to help you regain your focus and clarity. And while all teas and herbs, in their warmth, in the ritual, in their own way, have the ability to offer you soothing comfort, there are some that do this better than… Continue reading

  • Cleaning Your Teapot

    I was surprised to find that there are differing views on cleaning the insides of a tea pot. Largely the differing views stem from the various types of tea pots, more than from the people’s personal proclivities when it comes to cleanliness or hygiene. I find that by and large keeping your teapots and serving… Continue reading

  • Reds, Greens and Golds

    While some of my readers may live in areas of the country that do not usher in the autumnal season in an explosion of colorful foliage, the change from summer into fall is still a much-anticipated time of year. The cooler weather has us reaching for more comfortable clothes and flannel blankets. Best of all,… Continue reading

  • Review — Sylvakandy Estate Orange Pekoe

    Many people have unknowingly come across Orange Pekoe tea, as the term Orange Pekoe refers more to leaf-size than it does to a specific tea. The words are often spotted on tea bag tags in restaurants, where they are often used as a more generic term for tea. In this way, the name Orange Pekoe… Continue reading

  • Review — Sunshine Lemon Rooibos

    There’s nothing finer than being greeted by the morning sun, except perhaps, opening a whole bag of sunshine in the form of a tea — or herbal infusion, as the case may be. Many people I know find it challenging to want to drink hot tea in 89-degree weather, and well, who can blame them?… Continue reading

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