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  • Tearoom Review – Sugar N’ Spice in Brisbane, Australia

    I first came across Sugar N’ Spice in 2010 when I moved to Brisbane and spent an afternoon scouting for tearooms. I wasn’t disappointed. Mark, the proprietor is passionate about tea, coffee, chocolate, places great importance on great products, and excellent customer service, which is something that has been lost for many years in the… Continue reading

  • Tea and Art in Australia and China

    My mission is to ensure that everybody has a better cup of tea in their cupboard, and what better way to raise awareness about good tea than through tea and art? I was invited by the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) to take part in an exhibition commissioned by world renowned artist, Cai Guo-Qiang.… Continue reading

  • Introduction to Hong Kong Tea

    The inspiration for this article came when my parents visited Hong Kong for several weeks to visit family and have a holiday.  When I spoke with them to see how they were getting on, my mum said to me she couldn’t wait to get to Australia to see me.  A smile graced my face until… Continue reading

  • A Vanilla Tea I Liked

    I recently reacquainted myself with flavoured teas and I was ever so tea-lighted to have come across another flavoured tea (specifically, a vanilla tea) that I like. A flavoured tea in the true sense of the term is a tea that has had a fruit, herb or spice added to it. How to tell that you have… Continue reading

  • Herbal Infusions Are Teas, Too!

    Herbal infusions are teas, too. Now, I’m probably going to upset a lot of tea lovers for making this bold statement and in fact, if you’d have said “herbal infusions are teas” to me a couple of months ago, I’d have found it difficult to agree with you. Why this sudden change of heart you… Continue reading

  • Gong Fu Tea Ceremony with a Dash of Milk

    Ever since I became professionally involved with tea, I’ve had many people approach me to tell me their horror story of being pulled by the arm when they’ve visited China; being taken to a room where a Tea Master makes the tea, they receive a thimble of tea and are then charged “an arm and… Continue reading

  • Camping with Tea

    It was a last minute decision for hubbie and I to revisit the World Heritage site that is Fraser island, so with tent, camping stove, food and tea in tow, we headed to one of the largest sand islands in the world. Sand is the key word – it gets everywhere when camping, doesn’t it? … Continue reading

  • Tea Education Through Pictures

    There is a Chinese proverb that says “One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words”.  The modern take on this proverb has reduced the number of words to a mere thousand but the meaning is essentially the same. When it comes to tea education, there is nothing more compelling than a few pictures to illustrate precisely… Continue reading

  • Falling Out and Making Up Over Tea

    I am extremely privileged to have met so many wonderful tea friends over the years from the States, Canada, China, UK, several countries in Europe, India and Australia and I often reconnect with these friends through the world of Social Media. With a large group of tea friends though, there is bound to be a… Continue reading

  • Tea Appreciation Classes with a KISS

    In my former life as an IT trainer, I remember the first few days of training to become a certified Microsoft Applications trainer.  Every class started with KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.  The premise behind the acronym is when delivering a training course to ensure that you speak in layman’s terms: speak in a language that… Continue reading

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