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Sir William of the Leaf

  • The Science of Ceylon

    Ceylon teas are normally categorized by the elevation they are grown at. They can also be categorized by the growing region or the estate, if it is a single-estate tea. The elevation is the critical factor in distinguishing between different Ceylon teas. It is all due to how the elevation affects the final outcome of… Continue reading

  • Characteristic as a Result of Stress

    Certain teas possess different qualities based on many factors: location of growth, climate, elevation, soil, processing, etc. This is what makes each tea unique, and thus the enjoyment of connoisseurship. Sometimes a tea has a certain attribute due to either induced stress, or natural stress (abiotic stress or biotic stress). The most common of the… Continue reading

  • Hi, I’m “Sir William of the Leaf”

    [Editor’s note: William Dietz, aka “Sir William of the Leaf”, has moved on to other things. We wish him all the best.] As a first post, I would like to start out with an introduction. My name is William Dietz, alias “Sir William of the Leaf.” I am eighteen years old and currently live in… Continue reading

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