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25 responses to “About Us”

  1. I absolutely love the teapot in the movie “The Aftermath” (with Keira Knightley). It’s an art deco style, I think, but I can’t find anything quite like it. Any help you could offer would be appreciated!

  2. Just brought Twinings Earl Grey loose tea. Love loose tea. I can really enjoy the flavor and the texture of pure tea. HOWEVER, could not read the label. The top of the can has a sealed cover with writing on the foil. Stood in the sunlight. THE DAMN FOIL REFLECTS THE SUNLIGHT ALSO LAMP LIGHT AND ANY KIND OF LIGHT. MY EYESIGHT IS NOT 20/20, BUT I COULD NOT READ WITH 2.50 READING GLASSES. SOS. EVELIN

  3. Hi… I have a request to get a Blend of Indonesia, Kenya, and Assam teas from someone who says “I love a strong black tea.” Can you give me a hint on how I might go about finding such? Many thanks.

  4. JohnnyTravlos Avatar

    Do you know what tea set was used in “Father Brown” it was a beautiful green coloured tea set? – in series 2, ep 2 and series 4, ep 10.

    1. I think the tea set might be Wedgewpood Ulander Powder Turquoise, which was discontinued in 2008.

    2. Susan Smith Bither Avatar
      Susan Smith Bither

      Did you ever find an answer? I love that tea set.

    3. From the shape of the demitasse cupe handles, I would guess Coalport is the brand. I too have been looking for the make of the set. I cannot find the pattern, but the shape of the round circular handles makes me believe it’s Coalport.

    4. Unfortunately still no luck with correct name and maker of that tea set though the Wedgewpood Ulander Powder Turquoise does look like it but I don’t think it is.

  5. Hello over there, I’m writing from Sydney, Australia to say we love crumpets! I have tried to make them a couple of times, without much success. Your recipe sounds great, I definitely will give them a go.

    Thanks Mimsey

  6. Hello, I have a new Brown Betty teapot from your ETS and wish to know if it should be seasoned in anyway before use?

    1. Andrew, I have scoured the internet to find your answer, and all I get is that it should be rinsed well after each use but not thoroughly scrubbed. I would probably recommend this before its first usage. http://hubpages.com/hub/Brown-Betty-Teapots

  7. this may not be the proper place I have a complaint, I placed an order unfortunately The address that my pkg was sent to was wrong. when I tried to correct the problem,and I did three times.

    I was assured by three customer service agents they had changed the address, one even told me that she called their shipper that the pkg would be delivered to the post office. I understand not being able to help a customer,I worked in that area for 30 years, at least tell your customer what’s going on do not say you have handled the problem and did nothing.

    Enough said sorry for the rant, just venting.

    1. Andrew, if you can email me your order number I can look up the order for you and tell you exactly what I am seeing on my screen. Please email me at elizabeth.stubna@onlinestores.com. I am sorry this has happened.

  8. Hi Tea Store! I thought you might like the video I made last week while drinking one of my favorite teas: PG tips! Feel free to share! I intend to make a new video each week! Enjoy! 🙂

  9. I have a white teapot that is small (pouring tip to handle -5 inches) which is very simple. The interesting thing is that It has a metal lid that covers the whole base of the pot making it look like a metal and porcelain teapot. On the bottom it says SADLER. Made in Staffordshire England. Can you give me some information on this and it’s value?

    1. We are unable to appraise any item here and strongly suggest you take the item to an antiques dealer. Thanks and best wishes!

  10. I thought the East Frisian tea posting was very interesting! I beieve that’s where my ancestors came from – back in the 1500’s. They made stops (of 50-200 years) in both Prussia and Russia before arriving in the U.S. But I see they prefer black tea! That’s me! I have never been able to drink the “green stuff,” and I don’t like a lot of flavored teas. I enjoy the daily blog postings!

  11. Several years back, while visiting London, I happened into a delightful shop and purchased a delightful tea. I would love to get some (a case!) to enjoy with friends here in Kentucky. Don’t remember the manufacturer but the flavor was Apple-Kiwi or Kiwi-Apple. Wish I had bought more but didn’t. Can you help me locate some of this? Thanks

    1. Hi, Kay, wish I could help, but I’m not a big drinker of flavored teas. You might check vendors who tend to carry a lot of flavored teas, such as Harney & Sons or Republic of Tea. Thanks for reading and happy tea hunting. 🙂

  12. I have a teacup ministry which is where I visit people who are in some kind of need, lately it has been for shut-ins and nursing home residents. I also have a personal teacup and saucer collection numbering over 200. A lot of my older “friends” have teacups and I use that as a starting point for our friendship. I would like to know how to reference some of my teacups especially some of the older ones from occupied japan, bavaria, etc. I also give talks on teas to help subsidize my ministry. I give some large teas for senior citizens but prefer to work one on one with them as some have longer attention spans than others I get some teacups donated and them give them to my “new friends”. Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Does anyone know whether using used teabags after they have dried is harmful?

    1. I re-use dried tea bags frequently; hope they aren’t harmful!

  14. hello Joan,
    You could expect to get between £50 and £100… the cream colour is not a rare finish unlike the pink blue or black.
    All good wishes

  15. I was delighted to read about the racing car teapot registered 820236 as I acquired one (complete with straining holes) about 45 years ago. It is cream with silver trimming and in reasonable condition. Does it have a good resale value, and if so, what would it expect to fetch?

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