Sledding with Snow Dragons

Snow Dragon White Tea
Snow Dragon White Tea

As I look out my window, all I can see is a massive flurry of snow flakes swirling in the cold February air. As for many people, the expected plans for the day have come to a crippling halt. Much to the chagrin of my neighbors, snow seems to simply be one more thing about which to complain. For tea lovers, however, it is a gift from Mother Nature – the gift of time to snuggle inside with a pot of tea.

Looking through my tea shelf for something appropriate, something which is best savored slowly, something best enjoyed with multiple infusions, I was overjoyed to find that I still had some Snow Dragon White tea left. How perfect, what with all this snow. If you can’t beat it, drink it!

Snow Dragon tea is a white tea from the Fujian province in China, which is hand-crafted and curled into the shape of a dragon’s tale. The idea of the “snow” comes from the white down-covered buds that are used to craft this most prestigious tea. Also, beyond being symbols of good luck and power in Chinese mythology, dragons are said to also wield control over water and rain and, well….snow. Imagine sledding down a hill on the back of a dragon. It is a fanciful day dream but one that seems to suit the feeling of sipping this tea as I watch the world be covered in white. The dragon shows his power, making the world slow down with one whip of its mighty tale!

This tea is pretty rare and sometimes hard to find past the initial flush. Its use of the finest baby leaves, hand-crafted and shaped accounts for price. One taste of this exquisite tea and you will understand why this tea is so special. Suddenly a day trapped inside due to stormy weather conditions becomes a gift well-used, time well spent, and a celebration of the seasons.

I find this tea has a sweet, vegetal and slightly nutty taste. Many websites describe it as jammy, but I prefer that as a term to describe wines more so than tea. It is an instant classic for those who are fortunate enough to purchase some. Because it is rather expensive and rare, it makes a lovely gift for the tea connoisseur in your life. Just don’t forget to steep your Snow Dragon tea in a glass pot (or cup) so you can watch the dragons come alive!

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