3 Tea Pots Every Tea Lover Should Own

The teapot is as much fashion as it is form and function. Decorative styling is a natural extension of one’s own personality. While some tea lovers will fawn over antique china tea sets with the gold leaf and floral designs, others will stand by their iron testubin pots. Sometimes a tea pot is chosen for its look or perhaps their sentimental value. Other tea pots are better suited for a specific type of tea. There are a myriad of designs that you may already own, and pots you prefer to use. However, there are 3 tea pots every tea lover should think about owning.

#1: Tea for One

This teeny tea pot is for you and you alone. It is usually sold as a teapot that stacks on top of the matching tea cup. Whether it’s part of a morning ritual or a classy way to use up the last scoop of your favorite tea – having a special one-cupper is the sign of a true tea lover. Because of their small size, they tend to be extremely affordable. They also make great gifts.

#2: The Glass Pot

Drinking tea is an all-around sensory experience and having a glass pot can enhance that experience. Watching the leaves as they impart their colorful hue, infusing the water with their dance is poetry in motion. A glass pot offers a window into this world, allowing you to luxuriate in the coppery-red hues of a Keemun, or the honey yellow colors of a Snow Orchid Oolong. Bonus: Flowering Teas are a magnificent visual experience that require a glass pot!

#3: The BIG Pot

Anything worth having is usually worth sharing, and that’s where the BIG POT of TEA comes in handy. Tea parties don’t depend on a special celebration or holiday occasion in order to happen. All you need is a gathering of people…and tea. And chances are, you’ll have more of an excuse to get people together if you own a sizable tea pot.

No matter how many people you are serving – from one to one hundred – and no matter what your style – from fancy to fanciful, it’s important to have the ideal tea pot for the occasion.

Happy Sipping!

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