Prepping for the Holidays — Cocoa and Chocolate Drinks

Bellagio Mocha Kiss Kit (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Bellagio Mocha Kiss Kit (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

Tea and water may be the top two beverages on the planet, but cocoa is definitely on the top ten list. And during the holiday season here in the U.S., it climbs into the top five. Having some cocoa and chocolate drinks on hand is a great way to prep for those holiday visitors. And for yourself!

Basically, you have two choices: something pre-made (either as an instant that you add hot water or milk to, or as already all mixed up that you just heat at home) or made from scratch. Of course, that applies to a lot of things, not just cocoa. But I digress. When gifting, you obviously need to pick the former, preferably the instant kind. There are hordes of options from which to choose, from simple to gourmet.

Here’s where you may want to “go Hollywood” and have an “A” list and a “B” list. The “A” list are those giftees who deserve the gourmet cocoas and… well, need I say what those “B” list giftees get? Just kidding. After all, dividing up family and friends in this Hollywood-esque fashion would be just plain unkind and unfeeling. Doesn’t everyone deserve an equal share? Especially when it comes to cocoa. Of course, no one said you can’t set aside some of the really special cocoas for yourself!

Some to Include in that Gift Basket:

The Noelle Collection Mint Chocolate Gourmet Cocoa (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
The Noelle Collection Mint Chocolate Gourmet Cocoa (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

All “A” list and all sure to please!

  • Cherry Chocolate Gourmet Cocoa — Two flavors that go together well, this cherry chocolate version of cocoa is sure to be a taste sensation. Perfect for the discriminating cocoa lover on your list. Three scrumptious servings of cocoa in each box.
  • Christmas Bells Peppermint Chocolate Gourmet Cocoa — For many of us, the scent of peppermint brings back childhood memories. Peppermint candy canes are a favorite holiday treat. Take a whiff of this cocoa mix and get that feeling all over again. The package is pretty enough to give as is, especially when stuffing those Christmas stockings “hung by the chimney with care” (as the famous poem goes). Three scrumptious servings of cocoa in each box.
  • The Noelle Collection Mint Chocolate Gourmet Cocoa
    Another classic flavor pairing, mint and chocolate make this a stand-out cocoa mix. Just the scent of that hot beverage will clear any stuffy nose around — another benefit to this yummy cocoa. The box is all ready with a bow to be gifted as is. Just stuff it into that loved one’s stocking (the one hung in front of the fireplace, that is) when he/she isn’t looking. Contains three individual sealed bags of Chocolate Mint Cocoa. From the Noelle Gift Collection.

The Good Stuff to Keep to Yourself:

Bwahahaha! Who says you can’t put your own name on that list of giftees? And you are definitely on that “A” portion.

  • Bellagio Candy Cane Cocoa Kit — More peppermint, this time combined with bittersweet chocolate and chocolate shavings. A cup of this cocoa will relieve frazzled nerves after a long day of shopping, wrapping, and hiding gifts, and then decorating the house. You might even skip those preliminaries and go straight for the cocoa. Kit includes (1) 7.5 ounce Bellagio Candy Cane Cocoa and (1) 2 ounce Crushed Candy Cane packets and makes 6 (8 ounce) candy cane cocoas.
  • Bellagio Mocha Kiss Kit — Go European with your cocoa. Bittersweet chocolate and espresso combine to give you a flavor found in the cafés of Paris or Brussels. This kit includes (1) .32 ounce packet of freeze dried espresso and (1) 6 ounce packet of Bellagio sipping chocolate and will make 6 (6 ounce) cups.

Making Yours from Scratch:

Hey if the ancient Mayans and Aztecs could do it, so can you. That way you can tweak the flavor any way you want. Lots of recipes are online, but here’s a nice place to start.

Happy cocoa-ing!

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