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National Bubble Tea Day

Do you know there’s a National Bubble Tea Day? April 30 marks a day devoted entirely to the tea drink with those mesmerizing black pearls. It’s a fairly recent celebration, which started in 2018.

Where did bubble tea get its start?
Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan during the 1980s but came to the US in the early 2000s. Once it reached stateside, its popularity exploded. Tea shops popped up and soon it became a household name.

What is tapioca?
Tapioca comes from the cassava root which is a starchy tuber that grows in the ground (much like a potato). These are usually found in South America and in the Carribbean.


How to Celebrate National Bubble Tea Day
It’s easy! You can visit your local tea shop or even make your own! Here’s how below!

How to make Bubble Tea
It’s actually quite easy if you take the time to find the tapioca pearls and cook them. You can usually find them in many Asian grocery stores or online.

1 cup of tapioca pearls* (you can adjust it to make more or less pearls)

5 cups of water

1 cup of brewed tea of your choice. Try Assam, Oolong, Jasmine, or Green Tea.

Sugar/Honey/Sweetener according to taste

Pour the water into a pan and boil on the highest setting. Once at a rolling boil, pour in the cup of pearls and turn the heat to medium so it doesn’t boil over.
Simmer the pearls for about 8-13 minutes. The pearls should be translucent, soft, and sticky. If they are still firm, then let the pearls sit in the water for about 2 minutes.
remove the lid and stir to loosen the pearls a bit. Drain the pearls using a strainer and run under cold water. Let the pearls rest for about 5 minutes before enjoying!

You can enjoy with a milkshake straw that you can find in most grocery stores (check the kitchen utensil section) or even a reusable boba straw.

If you don’t like tea you can also enjoy tapioca pearls with ice cream, shaved ice, or in a smoothie.


*Please note: Children under 3 should not consume tapioca pearls due to it being a choking hazard.


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