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  • Tea Containers

    What do you drink your tea from? Do you use a clay mug? A Styrofoam cup? A bone-china teacup? There are almost as many different types of containers suited to drinking your tea from as there are types of tea! Ceramic cups or mugs tend to be either hand-formed (thrown) from clay, dried, glazed, and… Continue reading

  • Bevy of Teapots

    Every self-respecting tea drinker knows the essentials of their tea arsenal. One of the most important is having a bevy of teapots on hand. Yes, I said “bevy.” For each one is a beauty, as any tea implements are to one living the “tea life” where tea is more than just a beverage. You probably… Continue reading

  • Bone China

    It’s a basic understanding, of course, that the vessel one chooses for tea drinking won’t necessarily affect the flavor, but it can certainly affect the experience. Style, color and, perhaps, size of the vessel are a matter of preference. But let’s get specific and pick one choice: bone china. What’s the difference between bone china… Continue reading

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