Chinese Herbal Tisane

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Consult your physician before starting any herbal tisane regimen.

by Chris Robideaux [reposted from our sister blog]

Also known as medicinal herb “tea,” Chinese herbal tisane has long been touted as having healing and detoxification properties. Primarily made from herbs found in the Guangdong region of China, this type of tisane is extremely popular around the world, especially in sub-tropical areas of the globe. The Chinese themselves call this tisane “cooling tea,” as it has been taken for centuries to relieve, among other ailments, heat and humidity in the body. Its taste is bitter or slightly sweet, and typically has a dark brown or black color.

In the Far East and in the Chinatown sections of major cities, Chinese herbal tisane is generally sold by families that have been making it for years. Some of these shops have been open for more than 150 years. Recently, Chinese herbal tisanes have become increasingly marketed in bottles, cans, and boxes as energy drinks.

Chinese herbal tisane is regularly “prescribed” by many naturopathic and homeopathic health practitioners for patients with any number of maladies, including flus and colds, sore throats, indigestion and others. “Cooling tea” is showing no signs of slowing in popularity, and there are many websites, companies, coffee and tea shops, as well as individuals promoting its use.

The better the active constituents in the plant leaf are preserved, the more the medicinal properties of cooling tisane can do their magic. To this end, Chinese herbal tisane has also been recognized as relieving the symptoms of menopause, diabetes, dieting and obesity, kidney and liver detox.

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