Mooning Over Golden Moon Teas

Golden Moon Oolong

“Shine on, Harvest Moon” as the song goes, but how about “Steep on, Golden Moon”… teas, that is. The Golden Moon Tea Company has been around awhile and produces some of the tastiest teas that hubby and I have tried to date. They’re so good that they won awards at the World Tea Expo in 2007.

What makes Golden Moon Teas such award-winners? Lots of things, like quality par excellence, wonderful tea tins that protect the delicate teas within, 17 years of experience since the company’s founding in 1993, and a commitment to selling their teas in loose leaf form — no smothering inside a teabag or nylon sachet. (Even the increasingly popular pyramid-shaped bag and sachet restrains the tea leaves from fully interacting with the water, especially full-leaf teas.)

The company carries the full range of teas: white, green, black, and oolongs/wu longs. They also have flavored teas that aren’t just heavy flavorings covering up inferior teas (shown here is Sugar Caramel Oolong); they start out on the right foot (unlike me when I try to waltz with my hubby) by using quality teas from tea gardens whose high standards are well known to them. They also guarantee their products, putting your satisfaction at the top of their priority list.

One of the best things about them is that they stick to true tea made from the Camellia Sinensis bush. No herbal “teas” made from stuff that could be grown in your backyard. (While they can be quite tasty, calling them “teas” muddies the consumer waters.)

Golden Moon’s website is a treasure trove of tea information. You can log in to the site and be part of their tea community or peruse the many well-organized areas. Check out their virtual “Tea University,” covering how their teas are different, the history of tea, health benefits, grading teas, and much more. Explore the areas of the world where tea originated, and try out some of the recipes where food and tea meet. Want to know how to brew a perfect “cuppa”? Check out their brewing guide. Don’t miss the almost hidden tea descriptions at the bottom of the homepage (scroll down to see them; the type size is small and is in a color that almost blends into the background).

Their headquarters is in Herndon, Virginia, but they partner with tea vendors who are concerned with offering their customers the best tea out there. The company also offers teawares, including a variety of teapots, tea kettles, teacups, and tea gifts.

Get the most out of every tea penny (pinch it until it cries “Uncle!”) by buying teas that are quality but produced in a way that minimizes costs. No need to pay for frills — Golden Moon assures that you never do. Plus, if you have that true “pioneer spirit,” you’ll find lots of ways to make use of those wonderful tins once the tea is gone.

Happy steeping, tea lovers!

Check out A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill, to learn more about tea!

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