A Romance with Jasmine Tea

There is a lot to be said for Valentine’s Day – a day that the collective conscious of the world will focus on love. As this is a tea blog, I’ve extended the talk about love to include the things that we love to focus on all the time – like tea. All this talk about love is fine, but what’s love without a little romance? Can you be romanced by a cup of tea? Oh, I think you can and I don’t doubt that you have already been romanced.

I feel that the avid tea drinker is a more sensual person, in that they are more perceptive to and appreciative of the subtle changes and differences that affect the senses. Drinking tea is sensory experience. Each tea, each cup even, is evaluated and enjoyed by the way in which it pleases our senses.

Fragrance and taste are the two senses that come immediately into play. But it doesn’t stop there. There is the way tea can make you feel. Some awaken you while others relax you. Either way, tea will warm your body from the inside. I like to think of it as a liquid massage. Drinking tea always makes me feel good. Visually, we take in the sight of the dried blend, the near-artistic ballet of the water being infused with color which deepens as it steeps, and then, the sight of the steam curling lithely from tea cup. It’s all there. The senses are heightened and if we have chosen well then we fall madly in love with the tea and the steamy romance begins.

Not all teas have the same sensual elements. Some are more aromatic than others, while others will please our tongues more so than others. So my number one choice for a romantic cup of tea is Jasmine Tea. Everything about Jasmine tea can be seen with the rosy-glasses of romance. From the way it is created to the final moment of taste sensation, jasmine tea speaks the language of love.

Consider that the initial tea season comes in the Spring – a time that the world breaks forth with new life, a time marked by the blossoming of new love and flowers. It is in the first few weeks of the first flush that the buds and leaves must be plucked and the fresh blossoms of the jasmine flower chosen and then are layered within the tea leaves. Then the two leaves are curled up together in a tight union. Upon completion the two are now one and the scent of the jasmine have infused the tea.

The soft flowery fragrance of the jasmine tea is the very essence of romance.
And the taste of a quality jasmine tea is nothing short of divine.

So if you want to show someone your love, don’t just say it with flowers – say it with flowers and pearls, by sharing the gift of pearled jasmine tea! May I recommend the Jasmine Dragon Tears.

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3 thoughts on “A Romance with Jasmine Tea

  1. Your post has me thinking of a passion for tea being reflective of a passion with all of life, and shared by those who really savor a sunset, a sunrise, the certain color of a rose, and a great pickup truck and really good horse.

  2. Great article Madam Potts! I love teas that have a sweet scent that travels to the taste buds too when you taste it, and I have to say, I’m a huge fan of the aftertaste too. A good oolong can also do that, such as an Anxi Tie Guan Yin or a good Taiwanese oolong such as a Tung Ting.

    But yes, there’s nothing like Jasmine Dragon Pearls. I’ve often found that my customers will warm to this because they’ll have tasted a Jasmine tea before but once they’ve smelt and tasted the wonderful pearls, they’ll never go back to their old Jasmine tea.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

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