Tea and Gluten-Free Muffins

I decided mid-morning to give lessons in enjoying teatime to my three-year-old grandson. I had found no advice to aid me in this endeavor—I did actually look around on the web. But all of the tea blogs I read spoke of the glories of adults sharing tea, or the quiet contemplative moments over tea, or the essentials of types and brewing methods. I found nothing that mentioned children and tea.

This might have been my first lesson.

Let me be clear. It was not my intention to have my little one drinking tea, so much as to introduce the idea of savoring gracious living. Besides, I have been on a quest to find a good gluten-free sweet cake to go with tea. Baking the blueberry muffin recipe out of Cooking Free by Carol Fenster seemed a wonderful teaching opportunity.

First we had to mix gluten-free flours. Tapioca flour is especially light. It swirls in the air like a dust cloud, covering anything within three feet, especially when helped along by little three-year-old hands stirring with a wire whisk.

Our conversation went something like this.

“Ooooh, cake!”

“We’re goin’ to have muffins for teatime. Get your stool. Watch my toes!”

“Some of this?”

“Yes…let Nana. Well, Nana will clean it.

“My turn!”

“Yes…let me…”

“I can do it my-self.”

“Let Nana help you pour…oops, okay.”

“What’s ‘that?”

“Blueberries…here. Do you like them?”

“Uh-huh! I want more.”

“Well, here just a couple. Gotta save the rest.”

“I’m gonna go play train.”

“No, wait! You have blueberry…Oh, go ahead.”

The gluten-free muffins turned out delicious, the perfect accompaniment for tea and a tired Nana. I sunk down in a chair at the table with Taylors of Harrogate Ceylon, in a teabag, right in the cup held with both hands gratefully beneath my nose.

Later, after the muffins were shared and I was on my second cup of tea and deep breathing, I turned and saw this:

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6 thoughts on “Tea and Gluten-Free Muffins

  1. Dear CurtissAnn, you are doing something waaaay more important than tea blogging or even writing great novels… you are giving your grandson a memory he will keep forever! Of everything I’ve learned, read, done, experienced, the most precious memories are the ones from childhood, taught lovingly by family members who didn’t care if I smeared jelly on the piano keys or got cookie crumbs on the sofa. You are giving Sweetie Pie a loving childhood, and he will carry that with him all his life! Grandmas rock!

  2. I also just baked this morning with my 4 year old, we made pumpkin bread. We are just waiting for the bread to finish. The conversation during the baking was similar except mine kept tasting most of the pumpkin. That is why I always buy the big can though the recipe only calls for the smaller can. Just so my girls can eat the pumpkin.

  3. I agree tea time is not discussed much in regard to children. My two girls love tea and tea parties. Right now I am planning a real tea party (with scones and tea) for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I might be ordering some over the cup tea strainers for her party from The English Tea Store. I am not sure if any of the other girls really drink tea so I am debating how many to get. I do need a sugar tong too and I am debating which one to get or if I should get 2, there will be 8 girls including my own, that is if they can come. Only 2 have RSVP and it is almost a week since I sent out the invites.

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