Tea and Weight Loss

If you found this article by Googling “tea and weight loss,” you also had nearly 21 million other hits. These days, the topic of tea and weight loss is hotter than your cuppa. But is there any truth to these claims?


Maybe, maybe not. Green tea might ward off weight gain, according to a study on WebMD. But that’s only based on preliminary studies on mice. On the other hand, these mice were getting a heavy dose. Even assuming that green tea had the same effects on people, a tea drinker would have to consume seven cups of green tea per day for the same effect. As much as I love tea, that’s a lot of green tea. And, I’m very aware that I am not, in fact, a mouse. Many of the claims about tea and weight loss come from manufacturers.

On the other hand, if you’ve been guzzling sodas and sugary fruit drinks, switching to unsweetened tea probably will result in weight loss, simply because you are replacing beverages filled with empty calories with a zero calorie beverage. Not to mention, tea does seem to be a rather healthy beverage.

My real problem with these claims is that they turn tea into a health drink. Tea is perfectly delicious whether or not it is a miracle infusion. Drinking tea should be about pleasure and relaxation, not about losing weight. Unfortunately, our society puts a lot of pressure on what a scale says, and people become desperate to try anything to make that number go down. Don’t let that pressure take your enjoyment out of life. Being healthy is one thing, taking desperate measures to fit a standard is another.

So go ahead, eat healthy and drink healthy. Go for a walk. But above all, enjoy your cup of  tea, and love yourself no matter what.

Stephanie offers up healthy scoops of tea information daily on her blog, The Tea Scoop.

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