Collectible Sadler Teapots


Teatime is a very British tradition, so a British themed teapot is a natural. Over the years, British style teapots from James Sadler have not only brought that theme to teatime tables everywhere, the teapots have become collectibles. Designs range from a wonderful racing car teapot to a teapot shaped like the head of King Henry VIII.

When you think of Britain, what images come to mind? Here are a few possibilities: Pomp, circumstance, the changing of the Palace Guard, kings, queens, London’s Big Ben and the Tower (there’s a restaurant near one of the entrances that serves a fabulous steak and kidney pie). Britain also has a varied and picturesque countryside where thatched roof cottages can be found in abundance. The famed Piccadilly Circus (a circular intersection in London with a very interesting atmosphere) also has worldwide fame. Let’s not forget the royal residences such as Windsor Castle. Of course, there is the Shakespeare Cottage, the birthplace of this famous playwright and poet and now a museum.

Air travel these days is a bit tricky and tests one’s willingness to undergo a few “procedures” that are intended to assure a safe journey. If you want to see these classic images of Britain first hand, you need to purchase your ticket, arrive at the airport two to three hours early (don’t forget your passport), endure the long flight in a cramped space in front of a young child kicking the back of your seat or next to someone coughing incessantly, land in Heathrow Airport and spend two or three more hours deboarding and going through Customs, then fight for a taxi to take you to your hotel where they claim they never heard of you and there is no comfy room awaiting you, then…

Oliver Twist

Sometimes, seeing things first hand can be overrated. Personally, I’d rather buy a James Sadler Collectible Teapot sporting a design of one of these well-known images. Some of the designs are so special that you almost hesitate to serve from them, but go ahead. These teapots relish the opportunity to steep up some fragrant Earl Grey or hearty Scottish Blend for the enjoyment of your guests.

You can add a bit of royal architectural flair with a teapot design inspired by Windsor Castle or the Tower of London. Rule the teatime with a design portraying Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII, or Queen Victoria. Celebrate one of the great cities of our modern world with a Piccadilly design, or one portraying Big Ben, or the city of London itself. Prefer a cozy cottage or lodge? Sadler’s designs include several. There is even one celebrating one of the giants of 19th century English literature: Charles Dickens.

The teapots hold on average 20 ounces of delicious tea. Get a couple of teapots and steep up two different teas to give your guests a choice. Now, that’s a double delight!

One word of caution: these are very special teapots and not intended to be used in the microwave. You should also wash them by hand. Enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “Collectible Sadler Teapots

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  5. I have a Sadler Brothers Tea set i Cant find the date but it has on the bottom of the main tea pot 3540 D.. i just took it out of the box it was in brand new never used set.. trying to find out more about it

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Hi, Sam, we can’t give you any further information on this teapot. The best option is to go to a ceramics appraiser. Best wishes!

      1. thank you i will consider going to an antique dealer… ?.. i also have another antique .. its regard a coin from 1789 thru 1797 doubled face george washington it it has come gold looking color to it .. but the thing that gets me is that its magnetic there is some run off near the date and some unevenness aroung the rim.. can u help with an answer or something … thanks

    2. Vivian Wallace

      I have a cream & sugar set with the number 3540 on the bottom in gold- Sadler England- it has a single rose design on side- cannot find it on this site .

      1. A.C. Cargill

        The English Tea Store does not carry every Sadler product. You might try an online search for “Sadler 3540” to see if you can find this.

  6. Irene Purdy Torrance

    I have a Tea Pot Set called SADLER 2266Y…….cream with ‘gold trim all ver the set………I cannot ufind it on this site. Is this worth anything. We’ve owned it for about 75 years. Does anyone know it worth???
    Thank You
    Irene Purdy Torrance

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  14. Natalie Korandovitch

    I have 2 full sets of James Sadler Classic Collection. I don’t want to seperate them, but I can’t find these sets anywhere.
    The sets are the “Lyric” Charles Dickens and the “Savoy” Shakespeare set. Can you tell me how much they are worth for insurance purposes. they belong to my Mom & she’s going into a assisted living apt and wants to take them with her. Thank you very much.

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  16. Cheri

    I have a Sadler teapot with the typical markings “Sadler Made in England” with crest. However, inscribed with gold below the typical markings are “1848
    I cannot find this pattern in the 1848 patterns, ANYWHERE. Does anyone know what it is and how much this teapot is worth?

  17. Richard a. Smith

    I have come into posetion of a of a Sadler Tea pot It is stamped Made in England with the SADLER crest and ribbon in writing on it is the numberal 1760 BS with a large N next to it . the pot is oval in shape out lined in Gold. a picture on both side of the pot depicturing 2 woman one in blue and the other in rose pink holding a Bow(arrow type) a small child climbing on her with wings ( cupid ?) gold daisey type flowers all over the pot .The cover nob is a ribbon in gold. What can you tell me of it. What Year . Any Value. This pot belonged to my mother. Thank you R Smith 30 Pleasant st. Carver. Mass. 02330

  18. Linda King

    I have a Sadler teapot that is older but sure how old. Could you tell me if this teapot is worth anything. It has on the bottom “SADLER ENGLAND” with an “A” stamped in royal blue color. There are two scripted initials or letters that are etched into the porcelain.
    Hope you can help me with this.
    Thank you.
    Linda King

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