Review of Stash English Breakfast Decaf Tea

Name: English Breakfast Decaf Tea

Brand: Stash

Type: Black tea, English breakfast, decaffeinated

Form: Paper Tea bag

Review: While every tea company has its own idea of what an English breakfast tea should be, there are a few qualities that remain constant. An English breakfast tea is black tea, strong enough to stand up to the addition of milk and/or sugar, with enough tannin to clear the palate of greasy breakfast foods. Some English breakfast teas blends, others are made from a single leaf type suited to a breakfast tea.

Breakfast teas are also usually, but not always, highly caffeinated, the reason being that tea-drinkers appreciate the extra buzz at the start of their day. Still, there are plenty of people who appreciate English breakfast tea, but would prefer a break on all that caffeine.

Enter Stash English Breakfast Decaf Tea.

I confess that I was suspicious of this stuff from the get-go: After all, it comes in paper teabags and is decaffeinated, neither of which bodes well for good tea. But I decided to give it a fair shake, and am glad I did. This is good stuff!

The tea infuses to a rich maple-syrup brown, with a slightly sweet nose. Stash uses Nilgiri black tea, which proves to smooth, rich, and flavorful. . .all at the same time. The tea does not have the “flat” quality that decaf teas often have, and manages to clear the palate without stripping it.

This tea works well both hot and iced. I personally prefer my tea without additions, but it takes fresh lemon quite nicely. Like most paper teabag teas, it only needs to infuse about 30 seconds in hot water before it is ready to drink.

Incidentally, while Stash English Breakfast Decaf tea is great with food, it doesn’t need food to be good. I had it on its own, and enjoyed it greatly.

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