Review of Stash Peppermint

Name: Peppermint

Brand: Stash

Type: Herbal tisane

Form: Paper Tea Bag

Review: Mint tisane is an old standby for a lot of people: Refreshing hot or cold, it is also a traditional remedy for upset stomachs. Different tea companies have their own version of this favorite, the quality of which can vary widely depending on the mint used.

Stash’s version is simple, straightforward, and quite tasty. The finely chopped leaves infuse quickly to a green-gold with a strong, peppery/minty nose, just as peppermint ought to be.  The tisane has a slightly sweet quality, with a good hit of cooling mint at the finish. I did not detect any “off” or sour flavors that sometimes plague mint tisanes.

Serving Suggestion: Paper bagged peppermint tea is a great, and easy, addition to cold brew ice teas. I use a large, 8 cup pitcher filled with cold water and use two bags of tea (white, green or black) for every cup of water. Then I add one or two bags of mint tisane (mint is very strong and will dominate a blend) to add a bit of zip. I then refrigerate the pitcher for at least 8 hours, or overnight. Experiment with different teas and herbals to create your own magic brew!

Tea Terminology: It can get confusing when people talk about “mint tea”. True tea is made from the camellia sinensis plant, whereas mint is an herb in its own right. When someone refers to “mint tea” they may be speaking of an herbal tisane/infusion, such as Stash’s Peppermint, or they may be referring to a mint flavored tea, such as Moroccan Mint, which is traditionally a blend of mint and Chinese gunpowder tea. If you are concerned about controlling your caffeine intake, always ask for clarification when someone offers you mint tea.

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