A Guide to Tea Magazines

Chinese Black Tea
Chinese Black Tea

There are a number of excellent Internet-based resources to help you increase your tea knowledge and some great books as well. But there are also several magazines that can be of assistance when it comes to your quest for tea knowledge.

Tea, A Magazine has been going strong for 60 issues now. The magazine calls itself “a consumer quarterly magazine all about tea, both as a beverage and for its cultural significance in art, music, literature, history, and society.”

As the name would suggest, the focus of the Tea And Roses newsletter is on tea and roses. Tea-related content includes articles about tea rooms, tea parties, tea tasting, the history, health, and science of tea, and many more tea-related topics.

The Leaf magazine, which recently published its seventh issue, is only available online. Their focus is primarily on Chinese tea. Authors who have weighed in on the topic include Zhou Yu, Master Ling Ping Xiang, Chen Zhi Tong, Huang Chan Fang, James Norwood Pratt and Mary Heiss.

For more Asian perspectives on tea (and coffee), try Tea & Coffee Asia. U.S. subscriptions for this quarterly publication are $45, but many of the articles are also available online.

Tea in Texas magazine, despite the name, is “a community magazine for all students of tea.” It features content that’s likely to appeal to residents and non-Texans alike.

Fresh Cup and Tea And Coffee Trade Journal both focus on tea and coffee and are targeted toward readers in those industries. Some of the articles may also be of interest to casual readers. Both magazines offer print subscriptions and post a number of their articles on the Web.

The publishers of TeaTime describe it as “a source book for all who love tea and who want to enrich life with the serenity of teatime. The magazine proclaims the pleasures of tea as a gourmet beverage and offers informative articles that range from food features to tearoom profiles. TeaTime goes beyond the history and science of the beverage and celebrates the art and passion that makes drinking tea a memorable occasion.”

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Tea Magazines

  1. Royal Bengal

    Where can I find the subscription number of these magazines? Which one of them is the most widely circulated?

    1. A.C. Cargill

      This was originally on the other blog sponsored by The English Tea Store. We’re moving articles over to this blog, but the info is still relevant! Have a great tea day and keep those wonderful videos coming!

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