Tea and Smoking

Can tea help you stop smoking? Maybe. Can tea help guard against lung cancer, one of those rather nasty downsides that comes with smoking? Perhaps.

Let’s tackle the second question first: it’s thought that the beneficial components that contribute to making tea a healthful drink may also help guard against the ill effects of lung cancer. Some believe that this disease might be caused by smoking in up to 90 percent of all cases. For more information about the link between drinking tea and lung cancer, refer to this this article, Tea and Lung Cancer, here on the English Tea Blog.

If you’d like to head off lung cancer and other smoking-related ailments at the pass, then it goes without saying that the best thing to do is never to start smoking in the first place. If it’s too late for that, however, the next best thing to do is quit. Of course, as anyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking will be only glad to remind you, this is no mean feat.

Which is why the results of a recent research study should come as good news to aspiring abstainers from tobacco products. After 20 years of work a group of Chinese researchers have apparently succeeded in devising a cigarette filter that utilizes the theanine in tea leaves to help reduce smoking.

According to a recent article that reported on these results, “the inhibitors of the nicotine receptor in the tea filter are absorbed through the respiratory system and travel to the brain where it produces cessation effects, the researchers say. The smokers get progressively less dependent on nicotine with each smoking cycle and eventually quit.”

Participants in two separate studies found it significantly easier to curb their smoking when they used the tea filter-tipped cigarettes. So, as the saying goes, smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

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