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The Art of Tea: French Blend

French Blend

The reputations the French have for their fashionable style, their epicurean sense of taste and their valued appreciation for art and beauty, are all present here in this blend, aptly named French Blend.

Inspired by my recent trip to Paris, and still reveling in all things French, I was thrilled to discover that the English Tea Store even had a French Blend tea. I simply had to try it right away, and it is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. This rich, complex black tea blend is softened with a mix of florals that will have you saying “Ooh La La!”

From the moment I opened the bag, to take in the aroma I was whisked away. If you could travel in a tea cup, this blend would take you there. The lavender is from the Provence region of France, and it is combined with teas from India, China and Sri Lanka.

The sophistication in this blend is no doubt a product of being a well-traveled tea! Indeed, a blend of Assam, Kenyas, Nilgiris and Ceylon and a touch of Earl Grey teas, creates a flavorful and bright tea base, with some malty undertones.

The art and beauty are found in the aroma, visual appearance and the elegant taste that come from the bouquet of flowers that grace this blend. The lavender, jasmine, cornflowers and rose petals romance the tongue with each sip. It is perhaps the perfect tea to sip whilst (imagining) sitting in the gardens of Giverny, home to the ever-famous painter, Claude Monet. I think that you too will be impressed by the quality of this floral blend, which is a fine example of the art of blending tea.

What I miss most about my time in Paris is the many cafes that line the streets, allowing people plenty of time to sit, to relax, to catch up with a friend while imbibing their drink of choice. There was something very civil and very luxurious about stopping the world in such a way and having a cup of tea. But you don’t have to travel to Europe to enjoy this Parisian way of life. Brew yourself a cup of French Blend tea. Combine it with your favorite pastry (perhaps a croissant, some madeleines, or an éclair). And enjoy.

Vive la Vie!

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