Scottish Breakfast Tea

Breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day, or so we’re told. Which means that our breakfast tea is the most important cup (or two or three) of the day. Of course this is not always the case, but there are still many places in the world where coffee has not exerted its dominance and where people like to wake up with a cup of tea. Not surprisingly, the brands of tea that have become popular for this use have taken on the name of breakfast tea.

Breakfast teas are almost always made up of a blend of black teas and come in all varieties. There are a number of rather unusual types and blends, including such oddities as China Breakfast, Welsh Breakfast, French Breakfast and even American Breakfast.

English Breakfast TeaBut it’s English Breakfast that’s by far the most popular type of breakfast tea, followed not too far behind by Irish Breakfast. Beyond these two heavy hitters the next most popular breakfast blend would be another one named for the peoples of the British Isles – Scottish Breakfast.

Once upon a time it’s possible that there was some sort of formula that tea blenders adhered to when blending their breakfast teas – or perhaps not. These days, however, the exact formulas of different types of breakfast tea can vary quite widely from merchant to merchant.

For example, in the case of Scottish Breakfast, one merchant offers a blend that contains Assam and Nilgiri black tea from India mixed with a Chinese black tea known as Keemun. Another vendor makes a Scottish Breakfast that consists exclusively of Assam tea while yet another offers one that consists solely of Darjeeling, another Indian tea. All of which makes it tricky to pin down exactly what Scottish Breakfast tea is. The best guide, as is generally the case with any tea, is simply to stick with the one that tastes best.

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