Teatime Cookie Extravaganza

What’s a cup of tea without a teatime cookie? Lonely. And with all the options out there, you have no excuse for it. Even those watching their intake of fat and sugar can find tasty choices. In fact, those choices are so numerous that you could have a teatime cookie extravaganza!

Your cookie selection can be based on the tea you are having. A nice green tea with Lemon Tea Cookies, for example, their lemony goodness coated with snowy white powdered sugar. So decadent that no dunking is needed. You could always go with another citrusy-flavored cookie, such as Key Lime Tea Cookies, Lemon Tart with Pomegranate Cookies, or Key Lime Coolers (thin, crisp, and tastefully tart).

Chocolate and mint are classic companions, especially when it comes to cookies. They can go with just about any tea you choose. I like them with a strong Assam. Triple Chocolate Midnight Truffle Cookies are also good “go-withs” for this tea or just about any black tea blend. Of course, classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and rich Chocolate Fudge Cookies are always welcome.

Try some fruity cookies. There are Georgia Peach Cookies, Apricot Jam Filled Cookies, Strawberry Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies, Raspberry Tea Cookies, and Blueberry Jam Filled Cookies, too name a few. Try some with a Darjeeling tea or even a delicate white tea. How about a mixed plateful with a cup of Keemun with milk and sweetener?

Rich, buttery shortbread is always a welcome addition to your teatime cookie extravaganza. A platter full of chocolate, fruity, nutty, or coconut delights is never complete without the shortbread, whether plain or with nuts. As long as you watch how many you eat, these cookies can be the crowning jewel of your spread.

Cupcake cookies are virtually irresistible and available in several varieties: yellow cookies sprinkled with chocolate cream cheese frosting and powdered sugar, Dutch chocolate cookies sprinkled with cream cheese frosting and powdered sugar, Dutch chocolate cookies sprinkled with banana frosting flavored and powdered sugar, and red velvet cake cookies inspired by a traditional southern-style recipe.

Wanna share these goodies with the special people in your life? Go for a gift pack with a special card attached. “Birthday,” “Thinking of You,” “Get Well,” and “Thank You” are some options. Show your child’s teacher your thanks for unlocking the mysteries of the ABC’s (reading is one of life’s greatest treasures and pleasures). Tell your Administrative Assistant that her/his taking care of all those tasks that help you focus on the big picture is very much appreciated. Surprise your best friend with a birthday box of chocolate decadence, shortbread, or raspberry or lemon tea cookies. Include a package of tea to go with each so they can have a great teatime.

Personally, I like the cookies that come in the cookie jar shaped boxes. But, then, I was born with an extra “cuteness affinity” gene that makes me automatically gravitate to anything even the least bit cute (such as my hubby, who’s more than just a little bit cute). Add that to my cute teatime accessories, and the cute meter will hit an 11 on a scale of 1-to-10.

Time for a another pot of tea and another platter of teatime cookies. Cheers!

For more on making your next teatime more enjoyable, visit A.C.’s outstanding blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

4 thoughts on “Teatime Cookie Extravaganza

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  3. Hi, Patsy. What a thoughtful gift. I assume you mean “Chai Tea”. If so, my preference is for Scottish shortbread, any fruit tarts, or even chocolate chip. Hope your sister likes the gift. 🙂

  4. Hello i was wondering what kind of cookie go with Chi Tea for a christmas gift
    for my sister, i do enjoy diffrent teas in afternoon specially when it cool outside
    Thank you

    Sincerly Patsy

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