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Loose Tea on the Go

Are you a tea lover who wishes they could take their lovely tea stash along with them when they leave the house? There are many ways to be able to take your loose tea with you for convenient brewing outside of the home. There are three ways that make traveling with loose tea easy and delicious.

The first way to easily brew loose tea on the go is to purchase individual heat seal teabags. These are sold in packages of 100, 250, 500, etc.  All you need to do is place the amount of tea you desire inside the bag and iron it shut along the open edge.  Be sure to iron as little as you can (close to the edge), so the tea has lots of room to move around and unfurl!  This can be done quickly and easily inside your own home and you can “pre-bag” lots of tea for future use on-the-go.

Secondly, you can bring your loose tea and an infuser.  This method is slightly more difficult with more steps and a more difficult cleanup than using heat seal teabags.  There are many metal infusers available that you can place your loose tea in, then place the infuser into the hot water.  Simply empty the infuser and rinse clean when you are finished brewing your tea.

Finally, there are many tea travel mugs available for sale online and in stores as well. These tea travel mugs often have built-in infusers that you place your loose tea in, then cover with hot water and take it with you like you would any other travel mug.

All of these options allow you to take your tea with you wherever you go.  If you use bagged tea, or you pre-bag your tea as suggested, you may wish to carry a tea wallet with you as well to carry the teas in an attractive and useful manner.  Tea wallets are a small fabric wallet with up to 6 slots perfectly sized for teabags or sugar packages.  Many restaurants will allow you to order hot water so that you can brew your own tea at the table, and this is ideal for those situations.

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