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August 5, 2010

  • A Washington of Tea

    Here in northern Virginia, we are happy to have the home of America’s first president, General George Washington himself. His estate, Mount Vernon, sits on a hill overlooking the Potomac River. He grew many things on his estate, largely wheat, but also tobacco, cotton, and many food products. He did not, however, grow tea. Nor… Continue reading

  • Boston Tea Parties: Not What You Think

    During college, I had many opportunities to visit the beautiful city of Boston. Being a history major in love with early American history, I enjoyed wandering the streets of this old town, stopping in for a cup of tea along Newbury Street. I paid many visits to the Museum of Fine Arts, and even enjoyed… Continue reading

  • Thomas Lipton’s Full Cup

    By William I. Lengeman III You don’t have to be a tea drinker to know the name Lipton. It’s a household name, probably more so than any other brand of tea and is one of the most popular ones on earth, especially if you consider that it’s currently available in more than 110 countries. But… Continue reading

  • Milk Tea

    Milk and tea. For some tea drinkers this blend is the most normal combination in the world, one that’s taken as much for granted as pairing peanut butter with jelly or pancakes with maple syrup. For other tea lovers, tainting a fine cup of tea with the likes of milk or cream is an abomination… Continue reading

  • Tea Moments — Enjoying a Cloudy Summer Day

    Hey, tea lovers, Summertime is here in the Northern Hemisphere. That usually means days filled with plenty of sunshine — great weather for enjoying a tall, cold glass of chilled (iced) tea. However, we do get our share of cloudy days where heat and humidity collude in a dramatic display — sudden, intense downpours accompanied… Continue reading

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