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With National Iced Tea Month in full swing, you might be wondering what kind of iced tea to make. Do you want to try something different from your normal iced tea? Then why not try a new tea to ice! Here are the types of tea that you can make into a refreshing glass of heaven. There is something for everyone.

Fruit and Caffeine Free – There has always been black or green tea with fruit but have you ever had a plain fruit tea? Fruit teas are usually tisanes, or otherwise known as herbal tea since it does not have caffeine in it. Many fruit teas made are usually fruit pieces, peels, flowers, and sometimes tea. Some herbal teas like chamomile and rooibos are the tea itself. More traditional teas like black and green sometimes have caffeine taken out, but take note that they are not completely caffeine free. Fruit teas are perfect for kids!

Green Tea is growing in popularity, so it is no surprise that iced green tea is trending. Many coffee and tea cafes sell iced green tea, either unflavored, unsweetened, or flavored and sweetened. Popular flavors for iced green tea include mint, lemon, and strawberry. The result is a cool, refreshing taste that will make you forget it’s summer.

White Tea is a young tea leaf with silvery white hairs that is picked early so get your iced tea early in the summer! Basic white is a good way to start but if you want to be more adventurous, try your white iced tea with a floral note and mild taste, the Pai Mu Tan White Tea. For a tropical flavor, go for the Oasis Mango White Tea, which provides a delicate but sweet flavor that will take you to the beach. Plus, white tea has a small amount of caffeine so iced white tea could give you a little pick-me-up.

Black Tea – The classic! Iced tea is normally made with black tea, especially in the case of Southern Sweet Tea. In general, iced black tea is the most popular type of iced tea in the US with raspberry, peach, and lemon being the most popular flavors. The best part about black tea is that there is so much variety of black tea. Darjeeling, Ceylon, Chai, if there is a black tea you prefer, you can ice it! Homemade iced tea allows you to customize it however you please. Add milk and sugar, unsweetened, or add some of your favorite fruit.



In the month celebrating iced tea, it’s time to accessorize and there’s no better place to look than our new arrivals for some of our newest teawares suitable for your iced tea needs this summer. Take our newest teawares on the go, in your backyard, or to the beach while staying in style!



The Lucent Glass Iced Tea Jug w/ Capsule Infuser is a beautiful glass jug that is lead free and heat resistant. The stainless steel infuser allows you to brew straight into the jug and then serve it right away. This jug is also easy to clean with detachable parts, so you can use this over and over again this summer.


The Charlie Glass Iced Tea Carafe is a 1.5 liter carafe with a filter in the lid. You will easily be able to make sun tea or just regular iced tea when you can add tea to the filter and steep straight on!

The Blair White Leaf Pattern Glass Travel Infuser Mug will liberate you from brewing your tea strictly at home! If you want to make your iced tea and have it on the go, now you can thanks to the detachable strainer and double walled glass. This mug has a lovely white leaf design but you can also choose from colorful posies or delicate white flowers.




You love your mother. She does so much for you and sometimes it feels like we don’t do enough for them. Busy schedules usually don’t allow for it but why not spend Mother’s Day having tea with your mom?

If your mother is a huge tea fan and loves to drink her favorite type or brand of tea, she could never have too much! We always carry a wide variety of loose leaf and tea bags along with all of our popular teas, ranging from our very own brand to the popular British brands, along with many more.

However, if your mother is talking about trying new things, why not trying an English Tea Store Tea of the Month subscription? While you can pay month to month and choose loose leaf and tea bags, you can also pick a prepaid annual subscription along with a 20% automatic discount! This way, our teas of the month will simply arrive at your mother’s door! Click here for more information.

To enjoy with her tea, pick some of Mom’s favorite cookies and cakes or get her something she has never tried before! Some of our newest cookies include two of Cadbury’s most popular chocolate bars in a biscuit: Cadbury Crunchie and Cadbury Wispa. The Crunchie biscuits have a honeycomb crunch while Wispa biscuits have a bubbly, chocolatey middle. If she prefers something simple, then you can’t go wrong on Walker’s shortbread, pure buttery rounds of sweet crumbly goodness. Perfect with nearly everything from tea to coffee.

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out our wonderful selection of gifts.



Please note: When purchasing chocolate products in the spring or summer time, please be aware of weather conditions as chocolate may melt during shipment. For chocolate to arrive in top condition, please select “Next Day Air” at checkout. April 21st, 2017

National Tea Day is celebrated in April in the UK. While tea is the most popular beverage in the UK, this is its official day. This day is entirely different from National Hot Tea Day in the US, which is celebrated each January. This day celebrates all aspects of tea, including Afternoon Tea, one of the most popular times to enjoy tea.

Whether you have a full on English Afternoon Tea with some friends or just a cup while curling up on the couch, take the time to treat yourself to a fine brew. It’s always completely up to you if you want to go to with a familiar favorite like PG Tips or Typhoo or go with something new and different like Taylor’s of Harrogate. Have some English Breakfast, Green Tea, or how about something unfamiliar? Try a few of these teas that are becoming popular all over the world:

Darjeeling: Known as the “Champagne of Teas”, this reigns one of the best in its class. Darjeeling is grown in India, in the Darjeeling district, which is where it gets its name. Brands to try: English Tea Store, Twinings, Harney and Sons, and Taylors of Harrogate.

Oolong: A popular Chinese tea, this distinctive tea is just a bit fermented and oxidized for a perfect balance of green and black tea. Brands to try: English Tea Store Orange Blossom Oolong, Twinings China Oolong.

Assam: Assam tea was named after the region in which it was grown in India. It is a black tea with a strong malty flavor and deep bronze color. It is perfect for breakfast or any other time of day with a little sugar and milk. Brands to try: English Tea Store and Taylors of Harrogate.

What kind of tea would you celebrate National Tea Day with and who would you share your cup with? If you are a tea lover, then National Tea Day is every day!




If you have ever had a Soreen Malt Loaf in the past and miss its soft, squidgy texture, you’re in luck! English Tea Store has become a supplier of these sticky little loaves. They are the most popular malt loaf in the UK and now they can be enjoyed right here in the US.

These scrummy malt loaves are loaded with sweet, juicy raisins to give you a burst of energy to keep you going for quite some time. Eat them however you like! Take them and slice them, toast them, and slather some butter on them! Or eat them cold with butter. Not a fan of butter? Then eat them plain. If you don’t have a knife with you, then you can just break these apart with your hands and enjoy as is. Some people enjoy Soreen with jam or even cheese! These loaves can also be used in a recipe, such as a trifle or a steamed pudding. You can do a lot with Soreen.

Our shop stores these loaves frozen, ready for shipment. Once ordered, they are shipped* through ground shipping on a Monday or a Tuesday and are usually expected to arrive in 3-5 days, depending on your location. The reason they are frozen is because they can defrost while they are in transit! By the time they arrive to their destination, the loaves should be defrosted. They are also shipped in threes, so when you purchase Soreen, you are buying three loaves and not just one! I think that would keep a few of us happy since one loaf isn’t going to be enough!

No matter how these loaves get to you, we are happy to be a new supplier of Soreen. Try with a cup of your favorite tea and share with your loved ones. Or have one loaf for yourself. We are happy to be spreading squidgy energy and malty goodness to the people of America!



*Soreen Malt Loaves do not qualify for any shipping promotions.

Subscriptions! They’ve been around for many years but just recently, subscriptions have been taking on new forms and increasing in popularity. From movies to even dinner kits, you can get just about anything through a subscription. So when you hear about subscribing to tea, is it truly a surprise?

The answer is yes! Introducing English Tea Store’s Tea of the Month Subscription! Each month presents an opportunity to try new teas at an unbeatable price. How does it work? You can either try the:

Loose or Tea Bag Month-to-Month Subscription: For $13.95 a month, you can choose between loose leaf tea or tea bags! Loose leaf comes in 4oz and tea bags are in packs of 25. If loose leaf is chosen, two of the 4oz packs are sent or if you prefer tea bags, you will get two packs of 25 teabags. You can also choose to get one loose leaf and one tea bag! Also included are 5 tea bag samples or a 1oz loose tea sample. This subscription is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time.

Tea of the Month, Loose Leaf Yearly Subscription: As previously described above, you will get two 4oz packs of loose leaf tea, plus a 1oz loose tea sample. However, with this subscription, you must prepay a lump sum once a year. For purchasing the yearly subscription, you get to save an extra 20%, bringing your monthly total down from $13.95 to $11.17.

Tea of the Month, Tea Bag Yearly Subscription: This subscription has the same terms as the Loose Leaf Yearly Subscription, only you get to choose the two packs of 25 tea bags per month for a prepaid annual price (same as the Loose Leaf Yearly Subscription), billed once a year when you begin your subscription. A sample pack of 5 tea bags is also included!

The boxes ship out the first week of each month for our subscribers. Tea samples are selected by our own tea enthusiasts, ensuring you will get to try the best teas! You can subscribe to these services for yourself, or you can give one as a gift! Every month will feature new teas to try and you may find a new favorite. Give us a try!





By purchasing a Monthly Subscription, you agree and acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment charge at the then-current subscription rate and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation, including any charges processed by after the expiration date of your payment card.


By purchasing an Annual Subscription, you agree and acknowledge that your subscription has an initial pre-payment feature for 12 months of service without a recurring Annual Subscription renewal. Including any charges processed by after the expiration date of your payment card.

Orders placed on or after the 1st of the month will ship the 1st business day of the following month.


Recently my family and I had to pack up and move to a new house. While I was sorting through my things, I came across some of my tea sets. I noticed that I had several tea-for-one sets. My fiance saw them and immediately wanted to try them out. Then I remembered that National Hot Tea Month was coming up again so now is a good time to delve into tea-for-one sets!

teapchn1000029112_-00_rose-porcelain-tea-for-oneIf you are unfamiliar with these unique tea sets, many of them are usually made of ceramic, porcelain, or bone china. Each set comes with a small teapot to brew a teabag or two in, depending on how strong you like your tea, a cup, and a saucer. Stack the teapot on top of the cup and set it all on the saucer and voila! These nifty sets look great on any counter, cupboard, or table, and they fit nearly anywhere.

English Tea Store carries our very own brand of tea-for-one sets, much like our own regular teapots. These are made of ceramic and carry up to 16 ounces of delicious tea along with a 10 ounce cup. They are touched with a beautiful glossy finish and come in a range of lively colors, from blue to lime green. You may end up teadt1p1000031882_-00_shabby-rose-porcelain-tea-for-onestarting a collection!

But if you want to explore the more exotic versions, we carry an excellent variety. There is the beautiful Shabby Rose Turquoise Porcelain set, which is a pleasing look for the eyes, or the Rose Porcelain set. This one features a beautiful gold trim* and a more traditional teapot look and very charming. One of our best selling sets is the Irish Claddagh, beautifully decorated with creamy colors and Celtic knotwork and patterns. A Claddagh is embellished in the stoneware, symbolizing love, friendship, and loyalty.

These tea sets are very ideal to give to someone who fancies a quick cup of tea but doesn’t want to pull out the entire tea set. I had received my tea-for-one sets as gifts and they are the best ever. These are sure to wow and you will enjoy using your tea set.



*For tea sets with gold trim, these are not recommended for microwave use.



Back in June, I previously spoke of National Iced Tea Month where iced tea is celebrated and appreciated for the whole month. It’s January now and the weather has gotten cold, and coincidentally, it’s National Hot Tea Month! It’s never been a better time to enjoy hot tea. Many are making New Year’s resolutions, where people cut back on drinks like soda, coffee, and even alcohol to take up cups of tea. It’s something different, more fresh and natural.

While most Americans drink their tea iced, hot tea consumption is beginning to gain popularity in the US. Many thought tea was just the plain black tea bags in the boxes in the supermarkets until more brands and types began to fill the shelves. The discovery of more brews and blends opened Americans to the teas of the world, such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, Kenya, and China. We never knew what we were missing until we tasted teas like chai, white tea, darjeeling and many others.

But is not just the supermarket that is boasting hot teas. More and more tea shops and cafes are popping up all over the place in the US. They serve not just iced tea, but they carry a wide variety of these worldly hot teas. But what if you can’t make it to a tea shop or you just prefer to make it at home? That’s where the world wide web comes in. You can get delicious tea delivered to your doorstep and at a great price!

Here at English Tea Store, we’re all about tea. We run a special each month with our teas of the month. For 30 days at 15% off, our great tasting teas (and a few tols25p_hblcam_-00_camomile-herbal-25-teabags-pouchother items like honey go on special so everyone can try our teas at a good price and possibly find a new favorite! One of my personal favorites which happens to be one of the teas of the month is the Buckingham Palace Garden Party. It is a blend of black teas from China, Kenya, India, and Sri Lanka and has a blend of cornflowers which is believed by the Chinese to help aid digestion and strengthen the body. Medium bodied with Earl Grey and some Jasmine Notes. Try it with milk along with some cookies or cake!

Not into black tea or trying to cut back on caffeine? You’re in luck with our camomile tea which is also another tea of the month for January 2016. It’s perfect at nighttime for a calming drink to help soothe you to sleep.

How are you celebrating National Hot Tea Month? Do you have a tea you like to enjoy hot?

Did you know? 2016 is the first year National Hot Tea Month is being celebrated? How cool is that?!


Various Teas to Pair With Food

Tea is the new wine! Pairing tea with various foods is similar to pairing with wine. Usually people serve white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. There is a misguided perception that the color of the wine and food determine how the two are paired together. It is all about providing a flavor adventure for the palate.

Green tea is lightly oxidized forming a perfect pair with foods such as seafood, salads, and fruit. It is ideal to go with foods customarily served with white wine including scallops and  lobster. Chinese green teas such jasmine and dragonwell have a bold flavor and aroma making them an ideal match for salads and chicken dishes.

Black tea is completely oxidized giving it its rich and full-bodied flavor. It pairs well with foods normally served with red wine including meats, curries, and pastries. Black tea is an excellent complement to chocolate candy. There are several types of black teas including  flavored black tea,  Assam, lapsang souchong and blackcurrant.

Oolong tea is a cross between black and green tea. Lightly oxidized oolong tea pairs perfectly with foods routinely served with white wine. Medium to dark oxidized oolong teas form an ideal pair with foods that are usually served with red wine such as Chinese, Thai, and grilled foods.

While tea is sometimes regaled as the new wine, there are two significant advantages to switching beverages. A person does not take the chance of intoxication and a perfect alternative for those who do not drink wine. Let us not forget there is an extensive variety of tea. Brew a cup of tea with a meal and enjoy.

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A classic post originally published 02.10.2009

For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the heart of Winter is upon us. In the U.S., that can range from freezing cold with 12-inch snowfalls and high winds to desert highs in the 70s (the poor darlings have to wear sweaters!) and the vague threat that something moist will actually fall from the skies. Hee! Whatever the weather is like where you are, there is a perfect Winter tea for you to enjoy.

The Perfect Tea Indoors When There’s a Blizzard Outdoors

A crackling fire, warm fuzzy slippers, a few layers of pullovers, a fresh batch of scones hot from the oven… hmmm… something’s missing here. Oh, yes… tea!! But it needs to be the right tea. Here is my tea of choice:

  • Blackcurrant Black Tea — A naturally flavored Ceylon black tea from estates at more than 5,500 feet above sea level. Wonderful very berry deep blackcurrant aroma and flavor with no chemical aftertaste. (my review)
Blackcurrant Black Tea (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Blackcurrant Black Tea (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

A Grey Day Tea That Will Turn the Skies to Blue

Monk’s Blend (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Monk’s Blend (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Winter and grey skies go together like — you guessed it — scones and tea! And those grey skies can convey a feeling of anything from bleakness to coziness. For hubby and I it’s usually the latter. Grey skies are perfect background for a wonderful teatime, and that teatime can make those grey skies as cheerful as blue skies. A tea that is particularly effective at achieving this:

  • Monk’s Blend — A tea that delivers an incredible cup with the sweetness of pomegranate and the scent of vanilla. The liquid has light and fruity notes of grenadine and caramel that create a unique, heavenly flavor. (my review)

Tea You Can Drink While Wearing a Parka (But Not Necessarily While Skiing)

Snow being one of those precipitous Winter events, people tend to associate activities like skiing with Winter, too. Even if you don’t ski, you could find yourself part of a “ski party,” that is, a group of folks spending time at a ski resort, with some of them schussing through that powder of icy crystals. Since the outside temperatures are usually at freezing or below, warm attire such as parkas are worn. I remember one such ski trip where I was the only non-skier in the lot. Bundled in a parka, I relished a nice pot of hot tea all to myself. Ah! Can’t remember what tea that was, but here’s a tea that would be good to try:

Nine Bend Black Dragon (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Nine Bend Black Dragon (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

So, is there any one perfect Winter tea? I doubt it. There are many, for each of us has that perfect one all our own. Enjoy and stay warm and cozy!

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