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3 Tea Sets for Valentine’s Day

Beautiful pinks, whites, and reds can add a warm livery to your love-themed tea party. A Valentine’s tea party can be livened up with some festive teaware.

Here are a few of our picks for Valentine’s Day tea sets:

The Rose Bouquet Bone China Set is a complete set of one 5 ounce teapot, 4 teacups and saucers, and a sugar and creamer set. This tea set is made of delicate bone china and adorned with soft pink roses and gold edging. Just be careful as it is not recommended for use in the microwave or dishwasher safe. 

Next, we have our very own Amsterdam Tea Set in a sierra rose color. This set consists of one 32 ounce teapot (enough for 6 cups of tea), four cups and saucers, and a sugar and creamer set. Made from porcelain, this tea set is easy to clean and has a bit lower maintenance than tea sets made from more fragile material.

And finally, the lovely Shabby Rose Pink Porcelain Tea Set is not too shabby despite its name. Red, yellow, and dark pink flowers adorn this blush pink tea set. Much like the previous two tea sets I’ve described above, this set also consists of 4 teacups, a sugar and creamer set, and a teapot.

If you can’t get the entire set just yet, you can also buy these sets piece by piece. Start with a cup or two and then eventually move up to a teapot. You can even add four extra dessert plates to the Rose Bouquet Bone China Set! 


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